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Children at Alstom, parents and children together for a knowing and sustainable diet

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In the year of the Expo, Alstom Italia has decided to dedicate its fifth participation in the Children at work with Mum and Dad event promoted by Corriere della Sera/Corriere Economia, in collaboration with La Stampa, to knowing and sustainable eating.

Alstom has chosen a partner that has made the subject a concrete commitment: the Food Bank, which since 1989 has fought against waste and hunger by collecting the excess food generated by industry and large-scale distribution outlets and donating it to the poor to its through almost 9,000 charitable organisations throughout Italy.

During the event, the youngest children at the Alstom sites of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), Bologna, Nola, Bari, and Noventa di Piave (Venice) will be involved in a treasure hunt that will lead them to discover correct eating habits as well as the offices and factories in which their parents work. They will also be invited to contribute to the Food Collection aimed at providing the Food Bank with childrens food.

For the older children (middle and high school), orientation meetings will be held at which they will be given first-hand accounts of the various activities available at Alstom so that they will have an overview of the profession they could practice in the future.

Alstom has been taking part in Children at work for the last five years with the objective of making the event not just an opportunity to bring families and work together, but also to encourage people to think about some of the aspects that the two worlds have in common and require the commitment of both adults and children, said Raffaella Alberi, Human Resources Director of Alstom Italys. This year, with the support of the Food Bank Foundation, which has already partnered the company in other initiatives, Alstom would like to draw peoples attention to the question of knowing and sustainable eating, which is the first step towards reducing the amount of wasted food.



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