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Alstom, together with the Spanish Green Growth Group, signs the Barcelona Declaration

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Alstom, together with 29 other Spanish companies committed to the environment, has presented the Barcelona Declaration, which includes 10 recommendations so that economic policies might create an adequate environment that facilitates the transformation of all the potential of the low-carbon economy into economic growth and employment.

The Declaration, presented within the framework of the 13th Carbon Expo held in Barcelona on 25 and 26 May, has been signed by the 30 companies comprised in the Spanish Green Growth Group, an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment. This group of private institutions would like to transmit, to society and to the public administrations, its vision of an economic growth model that is compatible with the efficient use of environmental resources.

Alstom's involvement in this declaration reiterates the company's commitment to offering sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, thereby considering its awareness of the fact that urban development and the growing need for mobility are changing the way of life on the planet.

The Spanish Green Growth Group comprises a group of companies in Spain which aim to convey to society and government their vision of an economic growth model that is compatible with the  efficient use of natural resources. Efficient use means working together to protect biodiversity, the quality of air, soil and water and, of course, reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change

The Declaration also highlights the need for cooperation to reach emission reduction objectives, perceived as a task that involves citizens, companies and the public administrations alike.

The Spanish Green Growth Group believes that the low-carbon economy will constitute one of the effective responses to mitigating vulnerabilities and will become a generator of strength for the Spanish business fabric.

The Declaration makes the following recommendations: 

  1. Recognise the green economy as a source of economic growth and prosperity.
  2. Approve policies which strengthen the green option
  3. Establish a regulatory framework which is stable, predictable and transparent.
  4. Eliminate red tape and ensure institutional coordination
  5. Promote research, innovation and technology as drivers of growth
  6. Promote information and awareness-raising
  7. Develop funding capabilities and eliminate barriers
  8. Advance towards a low carbon economy with the contribution of all sectors
  9. Incentivise public-private partnership
  10. Revise taxation so that it support green growth

The companies that have signed the Barcelona Declaration for Green Growth are committed to transmitting these recommendations to all public institutions, such as the European Union, so that they are considered when making decisions that concern economic policy.

The Spanish Green Growth Group was founded in September 2014 by a group of companies that share ambitious commitments to reduce emissions and a firm venture on the opportunities presented by a low-carbon economy.