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Alstoms Smart Solutions for distribution grids at CIRED 2015

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Within the framework of the 23rd International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED), Alstom showcases a suite of distribution solutions to address grid efficiency for network operators.

Todays increasing energy demand and the desire to reduce the global carbon footprint has led to the connection of distributed and renewable energy generation sources (known as Distributed Energy Resources, or DERs) to the electricity grid. Because of their variable nature, DERs can impact grid stability, energy costs and price volatility. As a result, distribution grid operators seek smarter solutions to transform the traditional medium and low voltage grids to guarantee network reliability and stability. Grid operators also seek solutions to move from the traditional one-way power flow of electricity and information towards more complex bi-directional grids enabling greater efficiency, effective demand-side management and customer choice.

The need to balance energy consumption and mixed power generation requires the implementation of next-generation hardware and software solutions in the distribution network, opening new fields for smart grid research and development opportunities. Alstoms Smart Distribution solutions take advantage of the latest technologies, keeping pace with changing business requirements.

Alstom offers an extensive set of standards-based smart grid solutionsfor Distribution Network Operators. Alstoms technologies are actively helping utilities transform their business models and networks for a more efficient low carbon footprint environment.

Experience Alstoms Smart Grid Distribution Solutions at CIRED 2015
15-18 June 2015
Booth #17

Smart Grid Solutions for Distribution showcased at CIRED

  • Network energy management systems
  • Advanced integrated distribution management systems
  • Outage management systems
  • Distributed energy resources management systems
  • Advanced wide-area  automation
  • Microgrid controllers
  • Protection, control and measurement solutions
  • Telecom and metering
  • Advanced data analytics services
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Demand-response systems,
  • Condition monitoring and management of assets
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electric vehicle-ready solutions
  • Home and building energy management