Alstoms Metropolis for Kochi design unveiled for the first time

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The design of the new Kochi Metropolis trainset, made by Alstom, was unveiled today by Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) to Kochi residents. Oommen Chandy, Honble Chief Minister of Kerela, Elias George, KMRL Managing Director, and Bharat Salhotra, Managing Director of Alstom Transport India among others attended the event. The new metro will run on the Kochis new fully elevated metro rail network. Alstom - which was awarded the supply of 25 Metropolis trainsets in 2014 and 2 others1 during the course of 2015 - is the main supplier of the citys new metro network.


The Kochi metro was designed by Alstoms Design&Styling department in Saint-Ouen in collaboration with the operator KMRL and TATA Elxsi2 to enhance passenger experience, reflect KMRLs identity and blend seamlessly into the city.

The train is composed of 3 cars and is about 65 meters-long. It has an open gangway allowing passengers to walk from one end of the train to the other. The interior provides a feeling of serenity and security with sections marked in two bright, harmonious colors: green turquoise and lemon used for the seats and the handles. The metro train comprises 136 seats per car in a longitudinal seating arrangement optimizing transport capacity (975 passengers per car) and facilitating passenger boarding. The seats are made of a polyester composite, making them particularly easy to clean and maintain. For the comfort of elderly passengers or pregnant women, priority seats are filled with cushions. Persons with reduced mobility and wheelchair users will be able to use dedicated areas in the metro car while commuting.


The front end of the train is made of polyester. Mostly green turquoise in color, it perfectly reflects KMRLs new image, reinforced by the distinctive shape of its curved windshield. Representing an iconic symbol of India, the front LED lights are in the shape of elephant's tusks. As the metro runs on a viaduct, the lights will illuminate the city at night. The side of the train is made of stainless steel. The train panels are made with aluminum and composites as well as anti-graffiti protection. The metro train features four external sliding doors per side making passenger traffic much smoother.

Xavier Allard, Director Design & Styling, Alstom Transport said, The design of the Kochi metro has set a new benchmark in urban mobility in India with its aesthetically-pleasing and stylish designs and technological innovations promoting greener urban transportation in the country. The metro for Kochi supports KMRLs efforts to provide a comfortable, attractive and reliable service to Kochi residents and illustrates one of Alstoms key strategies to enhance passenger experience.

[1] 25 Metropolis trainsets awarded in Oct. 2014; signalling, telecom and electrification in January 2015; and power supply in March 2015

[2] An indian design company. In charge of the design of the livery of the metro