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Alstom and the Silesian University of Technology pursue their successful scientific co-operation

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Alstom offers graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering a chance to complete a six-month internship under a Partnership Agreement signed in 2014 with the Silesian University of Technology, with an option of employing the best interns. This allows young engineers to become familiar with the industry. Importantly, Alstom also offers internships to teaching staff, who are obligated to complete an internship in a company operating in the industry.

"The programme has already borne first fruit. One of the first participants in our internship programme has already worked for one year at Konstal's site in Chorzów at the position of the integrated quality management system coordinator in the engineering department", said Tomasz Szedel, Engineering Director of Alstom in Poland. "In total, 10% of the engineering department's staff are, so to speak, pure fruit of this cooperation", he added.

Alstom is also  providing assistance in the organisation of lectures at the Railway Transport Science and Education Centre of the University. Ultimately, the Centre will be located in the renovated historical building of the train station in Sosnowiec Maczki. The field of study offered by the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice is unique in Poland. It's specifically aimed at the growing railway transport market.

During the opening ceremony of the academic year, the university authorities gave Director Tomasz Szedel special words of thanks for the cooperation. Notably, the opening lecture was about high-speed railways based on the successful Pendolino project in Poland. This cooperation is a very important investment for Alstom in Poland, an investment in human capital.