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Alstom celebrates 10 years of collaboration with the "Elles bougent" association

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Alstom is committed to the "Elles bougent" association since its creation 10 years ago. The association promotes gender diversity in companies in the industrial and technological sectors, as well as in engineering training programmes. Alstom supports this approach through national or regional activities and with the support of female engineer sponsors to explain the profession to schoolgirls and undergraduates. 

70 employees of the Alstom group are sponsors of Elles Bougent and, in this capacity, participate in events organised by the association. They are involved in various ways: by participating in the Female Networking and Careers forum, in professional regional events (such as the 2016 eco-mobility rally) as well as in national challenges like InnovaTech. Some of them are regional heads of the association. They regularly invite schoolgirls and undergraduates to visit Alstom sites in France, using the opportunity to share their experiences in male-dominated professions. 

"Alstom is very proud to accompany the association since its creation and is expecting to pursue its very active involvement. We will continue to promote the role of the sponsors in order to develop our network of female engineers," says Anne Débois, head of human resources, Alstom in France.