Alstom in Italy launches corporate carpooling for its employees of Bologna, Florence and Bari

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Alstom has joined a group of 50 companies to participate in a carpooling project for its sites of Bologna, Bari and Florence in collaboration with Jojob, a leader in corporate carpooling in Italy. 

"We are very pleased to be part of this project:850 Alstom employees in Bari, Bologna and Florence will benefit from this service and contribute to reduce CO2 emissions when travelling from home to work,  said David Cannafoglia Managing Director Regional Centre of Bologna, Bari, Florence. 

In the first quarter of 2016, thanks to carpooling, 328,590 km were spared in Italy, which is 21.6% more than the 270,135 km saved in the last quarter of 2015. Moreover, 43.37 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided in the first quarter 2016. This is 18.9% more than in the fourth quarter of 2015, when the CO2 savings amounted to 36.46 tons. 

In Italy, the carpooling service provided by Jojob involves more than 50 companies and over 50,000 employees. Through the use of a web platform and smartphones apps, the system allows sharing the same car with colleagues or adjoining other workers from home to work. Moreover, the app quantifies the actual CO2 emissions saved after each drive in carpooling and awards the driver and front passenger points called "green leaves" convertible into discounts in local and national brands.