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Alstom and NTL receive the Innovation label at Busworlds awards for Aptis

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Alstom and NTL received the Innovation label at Busworld exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium for Aptis, their new mobility experience. 

Aptis innovative design, based on that of a tram makes it a unique mobility solution. Its batteries and power systems are located on the roof and the wheels situated at both ends with no overhangs, so that Aptis can offer passengers a never seen before 20 m2 low-floor. The double doors, also derived from tram design, allow for  easy  on-off  passenger  flows  as  well  as  smooth  access  for  wheelchairs  and  strollers. Moreover, with four steerable wheels, versus only  two  in  buses,  Aptis  occupies  25%  less  surface  area  in  curves and allows perfect platform approach at every stops (crab approach). Aptis also has a flexible interior layout, offering configurations to suit any operators needs.

We are very proud to have received this award which confirms Aptis uniqueness. For example, Aptis  offers  20%  more  window  surface  than traditional  buses thanks to its  panoramic  windows  at  both  ends and the lounge at the back, giving a unique  360° view of the city said Benjamin Bailly, electric bus product director at Alstom. 

Aptis is currently being tested on the Ile de France network and there will soon be experimentations in other cities in France and the rest of Europe.

Aptis prototypes are being manufactured in NTLs factory in Duppigheim, with key components manufactured by five of Alstoms sites in France: Saint-Ouen for the project management and system integration, Tarbes for the traction, Ornans for the motors, Vitrolles for SRS and Villeurbanne for electronic components of the traction. 

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