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Appointment to ALSTOMs Board of Directors

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ALSTOMs Board of Directors, at its meeting on 17 March 2017, decided to co-opt to the Board Mr. Yann Delabrière, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faurecia.

On a proposal by the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Board of Directors decided to co-opt Mr. Yann Delabrière as a director and a member of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

Mr. Yann Delabrière is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, the Ecole Nationale dAdministration  and in Mathematics. He began his career at the Cour des Comptes before working in the cabinet office of the Foreign Trade Ministry. He then worked as Financial Director of Coface and for the Printemps group. In 1990, he joined PSA as Chief Financial Officer and he became member of the Executive Committee in 1998. Mr. Yann Delabrière was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia in 2007. Since 1st July 2016, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faurecia. Mr. Yann Delabrière is also director of Cap Gemini SA.

This cooptation will be submitted for ratification to the next shareholders annual meeting.

Following this nomination, ALSTOMs Board of directors, chaired by Mr. Henri Poupart-Lafarge, ALSTOM Chairman and CEO, includes 13 members: Mr. Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Mrs. Candace Beinecke, Mr. Olivier Bourges, Mr. Olivier Bouygues, Mrs. Bi Yong Chungunco, Mr. Yann Delabrière, Mr. Gérard Hauser, Mr. Pascal Faure, Mrs. Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy, Mr. Klaus Mangold, Mr. Philippe Marien, Mrs Géraldine Picaud and Mrs. Sylvie Rucar.