Alstoms first train of the additional fleet for Line 1 of Panama Metro begins operations

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Alstoms first three-car train brought to complement the Panama Metro Line 1 fleet begins operations.

Line 1 of Panama Metro is approximately 16km long, with 14 stations, and runs through Panama City, from North to South. Since its start of operations, in April 2014, it has been a major contribution to Panamas public transportation network.

Thanks to the extension of the fleet, taking it from 20 three-car trains to 26 five-car trains, Line 1 of Panama Metro will improve mobility for more than 293,000 passengers that use the line daily.

The Metropolis trains, manufactured by Alstom in Santa Perpetua, Spain, reach the highest environmental standards due to their light weight model, allowing it to have an optimised traction and energy recovery performance. This unit reaches maximum speeds of 90km/h and features a passenger communication and information system. It also offers wide access doors, with a large passenger capacity within corridors for circulation between cars. In addition, the driving cab is designed to provide maximum visibility to the driver.