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Sustainable mobility, today and every day

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Today is Sustainable Mobility Day at Alstom. In the context of European Mobility Week, it is an internal initiative to help embed a culture of sustainability throughout the company from the personal commuting choices of employees to the conception of our transport offerings.

Sustainable mobility is at the heart of Alstoms business. In an increasingly dense world, with the environmental challenges that lie ahead, the need for clean, efficient transportation is ever more pressing.

As a world leader in transportation, Alstoms mission is to meet this need, proposing solutions that drive the global transition to sustainable mobility. The development of such solutions and the reduction of the environmental footprint of our operations are central to Alstoms guiding 2020 Strategy.

This Sustainable Mobility Day, all Alstoms sites and projects are being encouraged to get involved, each in their own way. In addition to our engagement to be a global provider of sustainable mobility solutions, accent this year is being put on innovations in eco-design & energy efficiency, and initiatives for sustainable commuting for employees.

Internal initiatives taking place around the world today include: conferences on breakthrough solutions, such as autonomous shuttles systems, demonstrations of innovations with suppliers; internal surveys to assess CO2 emissions from commuting and/or assess employees mobility needs; promotion of car-sharing; awareness sessions for employees; events organised with local schools close to our sites, car-free days, photo contests and much, much more

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