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Alstom will adapt the signalling system of the future extension of Line 9 of Sao Paulo metro

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Alstom will ensure the modification of the signalling and control system in Line 9 - Emerald, of CPTM - Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos in Sao Paulo. As part of this contract, worth about 11 million, Alstom will adjust the SCT - Grajaú Domain Traffic Control System, and SCC - Brás Centralized Control System, allowing for the extension of the Line to Varginha. 

The project includes system engineering, equipment supply, software change, commissioning and technical assistance, all to modernize and bring more safety and operational control to this CPTM line. The systems should be updated in up to 12 months, integrating Line 9 Emerald to the two future stations of Vila Natal Mendes and Varginha, south zone of São Paulo. 

Developed by Alstom in Brazil, the system that will be implemented in this adaptation is also used in lines 7 (Ruby), 10 (Turquoise), 11 (Coral) and 12 (Sapphire) of CPTM. The 4.5 km extension of the line between Grajaú and Varginha, is contributing to the mobility of about 110,000 people living in the extreme south neighbourhoods of the city of São Paulo.