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Alstom launches StationOne, the online marketplace dedicated to the railway sector

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18 September 2018 – Alstom is launching, today at InnoTrans in Berlin, StationOne, the first online marketplace dedicated to the railway sector, connecting professionals whose aim is to improve their operational performance. The platform is designed as an efficient way to both promote and get access to a broader choice of products and services for the railway sector.

StationOne is thus the unique specialised platform for buying and selling mobility-related products and services. Built on principles of simplicity, speed and security, it aims to bring additional fluidity to the supply chain of mobility professionals by facilitating the identification of parts, the making of orders, and organisation of deliveries.

StationOne proposes parts and commodities for mobility, with a specialisation in all areas of the rail sector, including trains, infrastructure, depots and stations. Parts include among other wheels, bearings, motors, suspensions, cables, screws, cameras, depot tools, personal protection equipment and services such as installation, repair, overhaul, training, and technical advisory services.

“We are very proud to propose to mobility professionals to connect to a world first marketplace in the rail sector. For the first time in our industry, StationOne will facilitate operators’ procurement process and will allow all different vendors to access worldwide customers through a single online platform.” says Didier Bohin, StationOne President

StationOne is conceived as an entirely independent legal entity from Alstom. It operates in a dedicated and separate environment that ensures complete neutrality regarding its listed products and services and total confidentiality via state-of-the-art data security. It is open to products and services from all vendors of the railway sector.

StationOne is now open for vendors and it will go live for customers in November 2018.