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Alstom extends ISO 37001 anti-bribery certification to Latin America

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Leandra Santos

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30 May 2019 – After becoming the first French company to obtain the AFAQ ISO 37001 certification for France and Europe in 2017, Alstom has obtained local certification for its countries of operation in Latin America following an audit campaign carried out in the second semester of 2018, at Alstom’s sites in Brazil and Chile.

Certification in the Latin America means that Alstom is now certified to the standard in every territory in which it operates.

The international standard ISO 37001, introduced in October 2016, advocates a series of measures to help organisations of all sizes, both private and public, to prevent, detect and tackle bribery through the implementation of an anti-bribery management system.

"This certification reinforces Alstom's commitment to ethics and demonstrates the considerable efforts made internally to improve constantly our Integrity Program through appropriate policies and procedures, as well as training, communication and ethical values, implemented by our Department of Ethics and Compliance at all levels of the company, "says Michel Boccaccio, Senior Vice President in Latin America.

The audits, conducted by AFNOR Certification, focused on the verification of the systematic implementation and application of Alstom's anti-bribery system, according to the standard ISO 37001, and in particular its Ethics & Compliance policy, from the Group's Code of Ethics, and the various instructions relating to existing anti-corruption procedures and numerous associated training tools.

The strong points highlighted by AFNOR Certification include the “tone from the top”; management’s role in instilling an ethical culture within the company, procedures that are well adapted to risks and fully implemented across the regions, the direct involvement of employees through a network of over 300 E&C ambassadors spread across all Alstom sites around the world and the constant improvement of the integrity program since the first audits at the beginning of 2017.