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Alstom Shareholders’ Meeting approves all submitted resolutions

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10 July 2019 – Alstom’s Combined Shareholders’ Meeting, which took place in Paris on 10 July 2019, approved all the proposed resolutions.

The Shareholders’ Meeting was the opportunity to review Alstom’s 2020 strategy achievements and the Group’s new strategic plan, AiM “Alstom In Motion” which was announced on 24 June 2019. 

Shareholders approved the distribution of a dividend of €5.50 per share. The ex-dividend date is 15 July 2019 and the dividend will be payable in cash on 17 July 2019.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also approved the renewal of the mandates of Mr Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Ms Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy and Ms Sylvie Rucar as Directors. Furthermore, the expiry of the mandates of Ms Candace K. Beinecke and Mr Klaus Mangold as Directors was noted.

The Board of Directors of Alstom now consists of 11 Directors: Mr Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Mr Olivier Bouygues, Ms Bi Yong Chungunco*, Ms Françoise Colpron*, Mr Yann Delabrière*(Lead Director), Ms Clotilde Delbos*, Mr Gérard Hauser, Ms Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy*, Mr Philippe Marien (representative of Bouygues SA), Mr Baudouin Prot* and Ms Sylvie Rucar*.

There are 5 women (45%) on the Board of Directors and the proportion of independent Directors is near 64%.

* Independent Directors

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