Successful first test runs for smarter and more efficient trains in Norway

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Milestone reached for the implementation of newest signalling system onboard trains

15 October 2020 – By the beginning of 2021, trains equipped with the latest ERTMS Baseline 3 Release 2 (BL3R2) onboard train control system will be ready for commercial service in Norway. Now, the first locomotive equipped with the upgraded signalling system has started digital test runs monitored from the test lab at Bane NOR’s Nyland facility outside of Oslo.

“Now beyond strategy and plans, I am proud to confirm that ERTMS BL3R2 signalling solution has made the move from paper specification to actual implementation in Norway. After further demonstration and tests, the first trains will be certified for commercial service in Norway in early 2021”, says Rob Whyte, Managing Director Alstom Nordics.

Real run of the Di8 test locomotive will take place for 10 days on the test line between Roa and Hønefoss. Before the end of 2020, the very same locomotive will also be tested on a track with matching version (BL3R2) in Sweden.

Having received its certificate from an Independent Safety Assessor, Alstom Onboard ERTMS BL3R2 solution has been tested at the system lab at Bane NOR’s Nyland facility during the last few months. A first DI8 locomotive has been fitted and is expected to demonstrate through the digital tests its compatibility with previous versions of the ERTMS trackside installations (B2 and B3MR1) in Norway. 

To support efficient migration into a new national digital train control system in Norway, Alstom will provide an Onboard solution that will be integrating also the legacy ATC-2. This solution will be fully embedded with the Onboard Unit, with no extra hardware. There are several benefits of not having any extra hardware; less hardware means less installation issue, and better availability.

The contract for the on-board signalling project was signed in June 2018 and consists of frame contracts for 14 different railway vehicle owners, negotiated by Bane NOR on behalf of the participating train owners. The depot, where installation is performed, is located next to Campus Nyland; a test, training and competence hub recently inaugurated by Bane NOR for the implementation of ERTMS in Norway.