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Alstom will deliver 40 new trams to Gothenburg in Sweden

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  • Västtrafik orders 40 new state-of-the-art Flexity trams 

  • New extended version to increase transport capacity by 50 percent 

9 February 2022 – Alstom has received an order, worth €100m, to deliver 40 new trams to Västtrafik for use in Gothenburg city. The new Flexity, locally known as the M34, is an extended version of the M33 tram that Alstom is currently delivering to Gothenburg and the 40 units are an option from the initial 2016 contract enabling Västtrafik to order additional trams. The first M34 tram is expected to be in service in Gothenburg by the end of 2023 and the last tram will be delivered in 2026.

“Alstom is very proud to deliver the new carriages to Gothenburg. The modern Flexity trams’ iconic design will enhance the city’s aesthetics while more comfortable interiors will improve the travel experience for the city's passengers. The trams will also help Gothenburg become  more sustainable by providing an attractive transport alternative to the automobile. We would like to thank Västtrafik for their continued trust”, says Rob Whyte, CEO of Alstom Nordics. 

Alstom is manufacturing the M34 together with its partner Kiepe-Electric. Kiepe-Electric will provide all the trams’ electrical parts while Alstom will supply the mechanical portion. One outcome of the close collaboration between the engineers at Kiepe-Electric and Alstom is the outstanding performance of the various braking systems – leading both operator and passengers to comment on the tram’s exceptionally comfortable ride.

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“The modern Flexity trams’ iconic design will enhance the city’s aesthetics while more comfortable interiors will improve the travel experience for the city's passengers. The trams will also help Gothenburg become more sustainable by providing an attractive transport alternative to the automobile.”

Rob Whyte
CEO of Alstom Nordics

The new Flexity tram will accommodate 50 percent more passengers

The new Flexity M34 model can accommodate 319 passengers, which is 50 percent more than the previous M33 model. The additional trams will meets Gothenburg’s great need for new trams as the M33 and M34 models will replace the aeging M28 and M29 models currently in use.

The state-of-the-art Flexity trams are designed to meet the city's track and weather conditions and their cutting-edge technology will ensure that passengers will have a safe and stable journey. The Flexity’s low-floor entrance makes boarding easy and the 45-metre-long trams will feature plenty of space for both prams and passengers using wheelchairs. The design meets the highest safety standards as well as Gothenburg's requirements for environmentally friendly public transport

Innovative trams

The Flexity tram’s award-winning design is matched by innovative technology and environmental excellence. Flexity trams were the first in the industry to combine 100 percent low-floor technology with conventional wheel-set bogies and can be equipped with the world’s first homologated obstacle detection assistance system (ODAS) for increased active safety. The modular concept paired with proven and reliable building blocks makes Flexity trams a perfect fit  for a variety of customer needs, from tropical to winter climates as well as for smaller or higher capacities. With a track record of over 30 years, more than 5,000 Flexity trams have been ordered or are already in successful revenue service in 70 cities around the globe.

new state-of-the-art Flexity trams
€100 M
is the contact value
increase in transport capacity

Alstom, pioneer in sustainable transport

Alstom is involved in several major tram projects around the world. Trams are environmentally friendly, urban-focused, comfortable, efficient and quiet, as well as offering high capacity. They are powered by energy-efficient electric motors and emit no harmful exhaust fumes.

Alstom is a pioneer in several sustainable mobility solutions in line with its ambition to facilitate the global transition to low carbon transport systems. For example, on 24 August, Alstom demonstrated the world's first hydrogen-powered passenger train, the Coradia iLint, in Östersund, Sweden. This low-carbon mobility solution is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that produces electricity for propulsion.

Having delivered over 1,000 trains to the Swedish railways, Alstom is the largest supplier in the Swedish train market. Alstom also has several major maintenance contracts and offers maintenance in 19 local depots, of which those in Motala and Västerås are specialised in heavy maintenance and renovations. The company is also leading the roll-out of ERTMS in Sweden, both on-board and trackside, and is supplying the standardised national traffic system to the Swedish Transport Administration.

Alstom™, Flexity™ and Coradia iLint™ are protected trademarks of the Alstom Group

Over 320 Alstom trains in Sweden

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