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Alstom celebrates the 30th anniversary of the first high-speed train in Spain

In 1992, Alstom pioneered the introduction of high-speed rail in Spain. Since then, the company has added a long list of innovations that continue to revolutionise railway mobility.

This week Alstom in Spain celebrates the 30th anniversary of the arrival of high-speed trains in the country, an event in which the company played a special role. In April 1992, the Renfe Series 100 train traveled on Spanish railway lines and was the first train to run at more than 300 kilometres per hour. This high-speed train was designed, built and maintained by Alstom. This HST (called AVE in Spain) was also the first railway system in the world to make a punctuality commitment to passengers, with the promise to refund their ticket price if they had to wait more than five minutes.

Today, 30 years later, Alstom is still a key player within the Spanish railway industry. Alstom has been a pioneer, not only with the introduction of the first AVE high-speed train, but also with other major Spanish milestones such as the high-speed regional shuttles, the Mediterranean corridor, automatic driving systems, cutting-edge signalling technology, the return of the modern tramway, new electrification systems, multimodality intelligent management, the application of artificial intelligence to railway maintenance and more.

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Alstom is leading the transition towards more sustainable and innovative mobility.

These technological advances have been accompanied by a strong industrial drive and development. In recent decades, Alstom has been expanding its presence in Spain, leading the transition towards more sustainable and innovative mobility. The Group, which has over 3,000 employees in Spain, is the only manufacturer and technologist with a local presence for all activities related to rail transport including signalling, infrastructure, train manufacturing, services and digital mobility.

Leopoldo Maestu, presidente Alstom España

"The Alstom Group in Spain and Portugal has the expertise and resources, the capacity for innovation and the pioneering spirit to continue leading the transition to a new era of sustainable, smart and responsible mobility."

Leopoldo Maestu
President of Alstom Spain and Portugal

"The Alstom Group in Spain and Portugal has the expertise and resources, the capacity for innovation and the pioneering spirit to continue leading the transition to a new era of sustainable, smart and responsible mobility. Linking Madrid and Seville on the first high-speed train in Spain was only the beginning of a long history of commitment and innovation," said Leopoldo Maestu, President of Alstom Spain and Portugal.

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trains with Avelia technology sold in the world
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Madrid-Seville: 85 million passengers in 30 years

The Madrid-Córdoba-Seville AVE train has been in commercial service for thirty years, with an accumulated figure of nearly 85 million passengers. On April 21, 1992, one day after the inauguration of the Universal Exhibition, the AVE Madrid-Seville high-speed train ran its first commercial service, marking the debut of the high-speed train in Spain.

Since then, the volume of passengers on this service has tripled from 1.3 million users in that first year of operation to an average of 3.5 million passengers per year, compared to the usual services and seats available prior to the Covid pandemic. This data shows that the high-speed train has positioned itself as a mode of transport capable of generating demand and providing other competitive advantages, such as sustainability and energy and CO2 emissions savings over other modes of transport.

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AVE for Madrid - Sevilla First HST ion Spain links, since 1992, Madrid and Seville
Alstom Pendolino train running in Spain

Alstom in Spain

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Bringing Madrid and Seville closer was just the beginning...

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