Alstom attends the 16th Rail + Metro China exhibition in Nanjing

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  • Alstom is showcasing its excellent innovative technologies and vision for future mobility at the exhibition 

  • Alstom will continue to deepen localisation in China, facilitating China’s transit development

15 March 2023 – Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, together with its Chinese joint ventures, is participating in the 16th Rail + Metro China exhibition held from 15-17 March in Nanjing, China. Under the theme of Integrated ·Eco-friendly· Intelligent, Alstom is presenting its mature and cutting-edge product portfolio and innovative technologies, demonstrating its active approach to sustainable development, and its long-term commitment to the high-quality advancement of China’s rail transit industry.

Rooting: A new blueprint for Alstom’s expansion in China

“The Yangtze River Delta region is full of vitality and bright prospects. It is a fertile land for Alstom's development in China. This exhibition is an important platform and a fantastic opportunity for Alstom to further develop and expand cooperation in this region and the Chinese market. As the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, Alstom will continue to solidify roots in China and connect with the rest of the world to accelerate localisation, while leading the future of mobility towards green and smart innovation and breakthroughs,” said Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China.

A VIP delegation consisting of leaders from the China Local Railway Association, the Nanjing Municipal Government and major urban rail transit units visited Alstom's booth. They learned about Alstom's development strategy in China and its cutting-edge products and technologies, and expressed their recognition and expectation of Alstom's strategy and future development in China.

“As the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, Alstom will continue to solidify roots in China and connect with the rest of the world to accelerate localisation, while leading the future of mobility towards green and smart innovation and breakthroughs.”

Ming Geng
Managing Director of Alstom China

Science & innovation: Empowering a sustainable future of rail transit

Three experts from Alstom and its joint ventures were invited to speak at the forum during the exhibition. They explained Alstom's exploration and practice on the safe operation of urban rail and new technology, intelligent operation and maintenance, digitalisation, and related topics from the perspective of a standard system of fully automated operation system, and exchanged on the future development of rail transit with participants, sharing Alstom's technical wisdom and sustainable development philosophy.

Alstom is also showcasing a number of representative products and technologies on site, attracting widespread attention and discussion with its leading innovation capability. The Coradia iLint, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger train, incorporates a variety of innovations that enable clean, sustainable train operation while maintaining high performance. Alstom's Citadis low-floor tramway system also stands out as a green and innovative transport solution. Equipped with several features that provide exceptional passenger comfort and lower CO2 emissions than other transport systems, it is already in use in Shanghai and Chengdu.

Alstom’s latest generation of the reliable and eco-friendly automated driverless systems, Innovia APM and Innovia Monorail are the booth’s highlights. Alstom has already supplied APM systems to six major cities in China, and its first monorail line in China, Wuhu Line 1 and 2 are already in operation, providing concrete examples of the intelligent urban transport of the future.

Alstom is also exhibiting its highly reliable range of high-speed circuit-breakers, certified to standards such as ISO 9001 and IRIS. Used since 1999 in projects all over the world, it provides fast and repeatable overload and disconnection protection for traction systems.

Rail + Metro China exhibition in Nanjing
people employed by Alstom in China
years of Alstom's presence in China

The Rubber-Tyre Rapid Transit System (RRT) car brought by PATS, an Alstom joint venture, was on display, allowing visitors to experience the appeal of intelligent rail transport technology, with its lightweight design, on-board energy storage, safety and efficiency, and intelligent energy saving.

Guided by the Group’s mid-term strategic goal of 2050, Alstom China will continue to provide Chinese partners and customers with diversified green and intelligent product options in the future, facilitating China's rail transit industry to develop positively and sustainably.

Present in China for over 60 years, Alstom participates in the full spectrum of China’s railway projects. Alstom in China now has a complete range of rolling stock (high-speed trains, railway passenger cars, locomotives, metros, automated people movers, monorails and trams), state-of-the-art components (traction systems, bogies, traction motors, dampers), customised services as well as infrastructure and signalling solutions.

Alstom in China has eleven joint ventures, eight wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and over 10,000 employees. Together, the joint ventures have delivered more than 6,000 railway passenger cars and 1,530 electric locomotives, more than 7,200 metro cars, over 800 monorail cars, 136 automated people mover cars, and 191 tram cars to China’s growing rail transit market as well as to overseas markets. In China, Alstom also provides customers with a wide range of services solutions, from heavy maintenance to modernisations, and currently has more than 3,200 metro cars under maintenance contracts. It is a major signalling supplier to the Chinese high-speed network, and through its joint ventures, its signalling systems and propulsion equipment are utilised in more than 100 urban mass transit lines.

Alstom™, Coradia iLint™, Citadis™ and Innovia™ are protected trademarks of the Alstom Group.

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Alstom in China

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