Alstom launches an area on its website for registering new suppliers in Latin America

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Communication Coordinator - Latin America

Vinicius Riqueto

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  • The company seeks companies that offer installation activities, engineering activities (systems, hardware and software), test and commissioning support, as well as data analysis

March 20, 2023 Alstom, the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has launched a dedicated page on its website for the pre-registration of new suppliers in Latin America, with the aim of streamlining communication between companies interested in providing specific products and services to the company. The initiative will allow greater efficiency, closeness and innovation with new partners in Latin America.

In Latin America, Alstom is looking for partners in the following areas:

  • Installation activities;
  • Engineering activities (systems, hardware and software);
  • Testing and commissioning support; and
  • Data analysis.

Suppliers of these products and/or services will have the opportunity to provide solutions to Alstom's businesses in markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Interested companies should access the website and fill out the contact form.

Alstom Brazil

Alstom has actively participated in the development of Brazil's infrastructure, contributing to social progress and respecting the environment. In the transport sector, to which Alstom has been dedicated exclusively since 2015, the company has had a strong presence since the beginning of its operation in the country.

Alstom is the leader in rail mobility in the Brazilian market and the protagonist of great moments in the rail sector, such as the construction of the first passenger train factory in the country and the largest export agreement in the Brazilian rail sector for the supply of cars for the metros of Santiago, Chile, and New York, United States, signed in July 2002. In 2014, the company participated in the largest project in history of suburban trains in South Africa. More recently, Alstom's contribution to the rail transport sector is proven by products and services delivered to the main passenger operators in the country, such as São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS), Fortaleza (CE), Recife (PE) and Brasília (DF), in addition to the Rio de Janeiro tramway.

In November 2022, Alstom inaugurated the expansion of its industrial plant in Taubaté (SP) after an investment of R$ 100 million that is part of the company's growth strategy in the country after having signed six national and international contracts. More than 170 trains (over 940 cars) will be produced by Alstom in Taubaté for the cities of São Paulo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Taipei (Taiwan) and Bucharest (Romania), highlighting the facility's ability to contribute to mobility at a global level.

Boulevard Olimpico / Copyright Marcel Fonseca

Alstom in Brazil

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