Alstom announces latest Community Project Fund recipients across the UK and Ireland

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  • From Glasgow to London, ten projects will benefit from a combined funding pot of over £140,000

  • Alstom staff also encouraged to use annual volunteering day to support beneficiaries

29 April 2024 – Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has announced the recipients of its UK and Ireland 2023 Community Project Fund (CPF). Ten charities and community-led projects across the two countries will share more than £140,000 (€163,000), with Alstom employees also encouraged to use their annual volunteering day to offer additional support to the beneficiaries.

Alstom’s CPF aims to fund projects that deliver social and environmental value for the local communities in which the company operates in. This year, the CPF will support projects as varied as suicide prevention and youth mental health, as well as social mobility and employment support.

Staff are encouraged to nominate good causes as part of the annual funding cycle and then work with a charity or community group to complete an application for up to £30,000 (€35,000). A senior panel then reviews applications against a robust criteria and, if successful, the project sponsor continues to support the individual scheme through delivery.

“It’s fantastic to be able to award another round of funding for charities and community-led projects across the UK and Ireland."

Colin Haynes
Environment, Health and Safety Director at Alstom UK and Ireland

“It’s fantastic to be able to award another round of funding for charities and community-led projects across the UK and Ireland. I was humbled to review the applications, as many of the projects were seeking relatively modest grants which, in turn, make a significant difference to people’s lives and prospects,” said Colin Haynes, Environment, Health and Safety Director at Alstom UK and Ireland.

He added: “It's essential that we reflect the communities we serve, and the Community Project Fund is just one way we can do this. By supporting initiatives that address social and environmental needs, we not only contribute to the well-being of these communities, but also reinforce Alstom's commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.”

One of the beneficiaries of Alstom CPF is Young Enterprise, an employability and financial education charity that empowers young people across the UK.

“Thanks to funding committed from the Alstom UK and Ireland Community Project Fund, Young Enterprise is supporting young people across the Midlands with our Inspiring Futures project,” said Viv Couche, Senior Relationship Manager at Young Enterprise.

She added: “Inspiring Futures is a targeted intervention for young people – aged 14 to 19 years old – who face the greatest barriers to social mobility. The programme enables young people to develop critical workplace skills and provides the space to reflect on these, to understand their relevance to the world of work and how to demonstrate them through creating a CV and in interview situations. This project is operating in schools that are local to Alstom sites, with volunteer opportunities available for Alstom colleagues to support.”

The ten 2023 Community Project Fund recipients are listed below

Project: Baton of Hope, UK Wide

Partner: Baton of Hope

We lose 17 people a day to suicide in the UK. This funding will continue Alstom’s support for the Baton of Hope to deliver the second year of the largest suicide awareness and prevention initiative in the UK. Outreach work will continue in workplaces and educational establishments, and suicide prevention conferences will be hosted to create Communities of Hope for lasting impact.

Project: Peer Youth Programme, Scotland

Partner: Scottish Action for Mental Health

Mental health is as important to a young person’s safety and wellbeing as their physical health. Young people will volunteer to be trained as Youth Peer Supporters across 40 secondary schools and colleges in Scotland to support mental health conversations, signpost and organise wellbeing activities to develop positive coping mechanisms among peers.

Project: Youth Mental Health ‘Train the Trainer’ Project, Dublin

Partner: Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health

Further education and training staff have thousands of interactions with their students every day. This project will ‘train the trainers’ so that staff can use these interactions to recognise the signs of mental health difficulties and support students to improve their wellbeing. This will effectively empower and resource around 300 staff members in the further education sector to improve the mental health of thousands of students across Dublin. 

Project: Inspiring Futures, East and West Midlands

Partner: Young Enterprise

This project is a targeted intervention for up to 300 young people (14-19 years old) who are facing the greatest barriers to social mobility. Students work in teams to create and run a real trading company of their choice over the course of a year, supported by a volunteer business mentor. This develops critical workplace skills and an understanding of their relevance in the world of work. It then supports students with how to demonstrate their new-found skills on their CV and in interviews.

Project: Children's RASSO (Rape and Serious Sexual Offences) Therapy, Derbyshire

Partner: SV2 – Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence

Child sexual abuse has significant and far-reaching impacts on both the survivors and our communities. This project will fund the multi-faceted approach required to address the impact of child sexual abuse for one year, to include providing support services and therapy for survivors, raising awareness about the issue and implementing effective child protection measures. Additionally, this project will also facilitate the promotion of an open dialogue and education about healthy relationships and consent in the community to help contribute towards preventing child sexual abuse.

Project: Reach Community Store, Derby

Partner: Reach

Large quantities of food goes to waste every day that could otherwise serve the community. The funds will help Reach to set up a community store in Derby, where surplus food destined for landfill is offered to members – who are struggling to put food on their tables – at hugely discounted prices. In addition, there will be signposting for free support including how to cook healthy meals, money management and employability.  

Project: Christmas Meals, Derby

Partner: Derby Food 4 Thought

Derby contains some of the most economically deprived areas in the country. This project gifted 300 families a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and pudding – plus mince pies and chocolates – so that parents didn’t have to choose between presents, heating or food for their family, and will offer the same this year. Alstom colleagues are also supporting the charity with streamlining their processes.

Project: Camping Equipment, Burton

Partner: Stretton Scout Group

Replacing their existing well-worn tents and camping equipment will allow the Scout group to take more young people on overnight residentials, camps and adventurous activities. Spending time away from home with other children will help prepare up to 100 young people with skills for life each year.

Project: Parent Support at Let Us Play, Wolverhampton

Partner: Let Us Play

A disabled child can be difficult to parent and often needs many medical and educational appointments. This project will fund a parent’s group for six months to give respite for around 200 caregivers to chat about problems whilst building comradery to support their mental health. In addition, funds will cover electricity for one year and buy new toys and equipment for the centre. 

Project: Step Up to Employment, London

Charity Partner: Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support

The London Borough of Hillingdon reports that just 2.1% of adults with learning disabilities are in paid work. A bespoke employability programme will be offered to 100 autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities to involve job clubs, insight days and social sessions for participants, plus actions will be taken to raise the profile and understanding of autism with employers.

In 2022, Alstom’s CPF supported nine projects which tackled multiple social and environmental challenges to a total value of £151,000 (€175,000). Recipients included Suited for Success, Railway Children, Glasgow Chiltren’s Hospital, Casino Model Railway Museum and Widnes Foodbank.

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