Alstom Attends the Beijing-Nanjing International Metro Transit Exhibition and Forum

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  • Alstom's "Glorious 60 Years, Carrying Forward the Future" exhibition is displaying its more than 60-year-long development journey of "Sharing the same destiny" with China.

  • Alstom, along with its joint ventures in China, is exhibiting a comprehensive range of products and green and smart operation and maintenance technologies.

13 June 2024 – Alstom is participating in the 2024 Beijing-Nanjing International Metro Transit Exhibition and Forum (Referred to as "MetroTrans") held from 13 to 15 June at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Alstom is presenting its comprehensive product portfolio, leading technological innovations, green and smart transportation solutions along with its joint ventures in China, demonstrating its long-term commitment to the development of China's urban rail transit market.

Ming Geng speaking at Modern Railways 2023

"As China's new-quality productivity continues to advance, Alstom is also keeping pace with the Chinese market, constantly enhancing its local engineering and R&D capabilities."

Ming Geng
Managing Director of Alstom China

Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China, said, "As China's new-quality productivity continues to advance, Alstom is also keeping pace with the Chinese market, constantly enhancing its local engineering and R&D capabilities. Through this exhibition, we not only reviewed Alstom's glorious history in China spanning over 60 years, but also showcased a series of green and smart innovative technologies, highlighting our determination and confidence in working with Chinese partners to promote green transportation and  sustainable development of China's rail transit industry."

This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. As a bond of the friendship between the two countries, Alstom had set up a special exhibition on the theme of "Glorious 60 Years, Carrying Forward the Future" to showcase the exciting journey of Alstom's deep integration and development with China's rail transit industry, through both illustrations and texts. The exhibition had received full recognition and resonance from the leaders of China Association of Metros and the owners of major urban rail transit units who visited the Alstom booth. In addition, the "Looking into the Future" message area in the themed exhibition had attracted enthusiastic participation and interaction from the audience. Leaders, customers, and visitors who toured the exhibition have all left their blessings and aspirations for the future of Alstom.

To better showcase Alstom's rail transportation technological innovation, a combined "Video + Sand Table" model was adopted to visually present the operation process of the train intelligent diagnostic system. This innovative fleet maintenance and management system integrates train equipment inspection, wireless train-to-ground data communication, and expert diagnostic systems. Its application in China is a powerful testament to Alstom's commitment to the green and intelligent development of China's rail transit.

In addition to the corporate exhibition booth, Alstom's safe, reliable, and high-quality components were also showcased in the "Jiangsu Pavilion," attracting widespread attention and discussion from participants with their leading innovative capabilities. Among them, the Dispen railway-specific oil-pressure damper, with its unique double-circulation technology, effectively ensures the smoothness of train operation. The Optonix™ 25kV vehicle-controlled traction converter brings a superior operational experience and lower operating costs to urban and commuter trains due to its excellent traction performance. Furthermore, the 4ECA2124 and 4ECA2132 motor products as well as high-speed circuit breakers, which are easy to maintain and highly reliable, further meet the development demands of the Chinese metro industry and intercity rail transit market.

At this exhibition, PATS[1], Alstom's joint venture in China, surprised visitors with its live demonstration of the Rubber-Tyre Rapid Transit System (RRT). This vividly showcased the charm of intelligent rail transportation technology.  During the exhibition, PATS's expert were invited to deliver a keynote speech of "Global Innovation Practices in Medium and Low Capacity Transportation System" at the international academic forum, contributing to deepening technical exchanges and cooperation in the rail transit field.

Looking to the future, under the guidance of the Group's 2050 mid-term strategy, Alstom will continue root in China, connecting the world, driving development through innovation, and contributing to the advancement of China's rail transportation towards a smarter and low-carbon future.

Present in China for over 60 years, Alstom participates in the full spectrum of China’s railway projects. Alstom in China now has a complete range of rolling stock (high-speed trains, railway passenger cars, locomotives, metro, automated people movers, monorail and trams), state-of-the-art components (traction systems, bogies, traction motors, dampers), customised services as well as infrastructure and signalling solutions.

Alstom in China has eleven joint ventures, and over 10,000 employees. Together, the joint ventures have delivered more than 6,000 railway passenger cars and 1,530 electric locomotives, more than 7,200 metro cars, over 800 monorail cars, 136 automated people mover cars, and 191 tram cars to China’ s growing rail transit market as well as to overseas markets. In China, Alstom also provides customers with a wide range of services solutions, from heavy maintenance to modernisations, and currently has more than 3,200 metro cars under maintenance contracts. It is a major signalling supplier to the Chinese high-speed network, and through its joint ventures, its signalling systems and propulsion equipment are utilised in more than 100 urban mass transit lines.

ALSTOM and Optonix™ are legally protected trademarks of the Alstom Group.

[1] CRRC Puzhen Alstom Transportation Systems Co., Ltd is 50% owned by Alstom Group. Merger by equity method.

People at work on workshop at Xayeeco plant

Alstom in China

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