Digital mobility

Connectivity solutions: Technology serving passenger experience and fleet management

 Connectivity solutions

Connectivity solutions at a glance

  • More reliable internet, media and real-time journey information
  • Incorporating 4G & 5G into our Central Control Units to maximise performance
  • Dedicated radio trackside networks providing stable and high bandwidth connection

Rail connectivity is at the heart of what Nomad Digital, a wholly owned Alstom subsidiary, does. Nomad Digital is a pioneer of the networked train and its solutions are built on patent protected technology that is robust, scalable and fully secured. This allows operators to benefit from services such as CCTV, passenger Wi-Fi and sophisticated fleet management systems.

A robust, scalable on-vehicle network

Nomad Digital’s networking platform allows on-board devices to communicate with each other and with the outside world, while maintaining a secure separation between passenger-facing applications and the systems responsible for the safe operation of the train. 

A future-proofed platform

Scalability and flexibility utilising 5G technology are the cornerstones of Nomad’s design, which ensures the capacity for future systems development, as well as incorporating the sophisticated needs for entertainment services and passenger information.

Convergence enhancing the passenger experience

Bringing together passenger connectivity, information and entertainment with predictive maintenance and fleet efficiency transforms a train operator’s ability to improve its passengers’ experience.

By achieving greater convergence between Nomad’s connectivity platform and passenger information services, Nomad Digital enables personalised journey information and bespoke sales services, simultaneously feeding information both to the train’s screens and to passengers’ own devices.

  • 100
    fleets equipped worldwide
  • 20,000
    vehicles equipped worldwide
  • 2 billion
    passengers served with infotainment each year