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Fleet management solutions: Combining industry expertise with diagnostic tools

Fleet management solutions

Fleet management solutions at a glance

  • Quick and efficient access to real-time data and knowledge extraction
  • In-depth and real-time information on the performance of crucial equipment and components on board
  • Historical diagnostic data available for analysis at any time

The fleet management solutions of Nomad Digital, a wholly owned Alstom subsidiary, integrate numerous on-board systems and isolated components, providing real-time, fleet-wide performance information with diagnostic alerts.

Enhanced intelligence

This enhanced and in-depth intelligence allows train operators to be more proactive and effective in managing and developing their operational and maintenance approaches, by using remote monitoring and reporting functionality and advanced data analytics.

Real-time analysis

Nomad Digital not only provides the remote connectivity to previously offline digital and analogue legacy systems, but also brings the know-how and tools to extract and interpret critical operational data. This enables operators to perform real-time analysis on-board, automatically issuing alerts (for e.g. signs of impending equipment failures) and feeding the relevant information, also in real-time, to the operations departments and maintenance depots.

Delivering operational efficiencies

Nomad Digital merges its Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM) tools with Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methodology and railway knowledge to optimise the maintenance management and availability of equipment. This helps to drive quantifiable improvements in cost-effectiveness, reliability, and availability.

  • 30%
    reliability upside (up to)
  • 20%
    availability upside (up to)
  • 20%
    energy savings offered by Driver Advisory System (up to)