Digital mobility

Passenger solutions: Enhancing the passenger experience

Boarding Train-Passenger solution

Passenger solutions at a glance

  • Class-leading technologies, for an outstanding WiFi experience
  • Next-generation information, infotainment and entertainment systems
  • Peace of mind travel for both passengers and operators

Nomad Digital, a wholly owned Alstom subsidiary, provides a range of innovative real-time journey information solutions via passenger devices and/or vehicle displays. This covers an extensive range of services including internet access, travel information, entertainment delivery and security applications. They were the first to offer a terrestrially streamed live TV for rail passengers.

Keeping passengers informed 

Providing reliable real-time journey information is a key consideration for train operators, and customers now expect these services to be delivered well. Failure to do this can result in customer dissatisfaction and high levels of passenger complaints.

Being able to deliver travel updates, live news, weather, and location-specific information - either directly to passengers’ own devices or via onboard displays - can significantly improve a train operator’s relationship with their passengers.

Build better customer relationships

Nomad Digital's passenger portal delivers seamless on-demand, managed-content directly to customers’ own devices, such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Utilising the trains existing IP network as an extension of the passenger WiFi service, the portal can be maintained using an onshore content management solution, designed specifically for the rail environment. And applying Nomad Digital’s passenger authentication processes enables train operations to recognise and acknowledge returning passengers.

Generating revenue from an improved experience

Being able to provide distributed infotainment, entertainment and commercial content - using scheduled programming technology - not only delivers a positive passenger experience, but also provides future revenue opportunities, such as future travel needs and related travel services, as well as potential advertising space targeted at specific dates and seasons.

Peace of mind

First and foremost passengers are looking for safety when they travel and Nomad Digital use the latest technology to provide effective CCTV capabilities. This enables transport operators to view real time high definition footage and access recordings remotely and assess and react to any potential issues 24/7.   

Cybersecurity is another key risk for transport operators to manage and Nomad Digital’s comprehensive ‘security as a service’ helps operators protect their digital networks and detect and respond to actual or suspected cyber-attacks.  

  • 37,000+
    passenger information screens
  • 15
    million WiFi sessions per month
  • 2
    billion passengers provided with infotainment each year