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Commuter trains: the backbone of city life

SNCF RER NG train, France

Commuter trains at a glance

  • Flexible train customisation with service proven components
  • Sustainable and cost-effective design
  • High safety and comfort standard
  • Zero-emission autonomy solutions for non-electrified networks

Alstom’s commuter transport solutions help urban ecosystems all over the world to grow sustainably, accommodate increasing numbers of commuters and alleviate traffic congestion.

Building on its wealth of experience in delivering commuter solutions, Alstom offers state-of-the-art high-floor multiple units and coaches for applications between 120 and 200 km/h. The Company’s flexible range allows for single-deck and double-deck configurations on electrified and non-electrified networks worldwide. Zero-emission autonomy solutions with hydrogen and battery technologies have also been developed for non-electrified lines. 

India's Regional Rapid Transit System train concept /@Alstom / Mediasphere

Flexible train customisation with service-proven components

Alstom’s commuter trains are cutting-edge mobility solutions that offer customers a wide range of options for customisation and configuration. From external design and dimensions to interior layouts, seating arrangements and lighting, our trains can fulfil the requirements of every city while perfectly emphasising their identity.


Sustainable and cost-effective design

Alstom innovates constantly to provide cleaner mobility solutions to its customers. Alstom’s eco-design priorities focus on energy efficiency, recyclability, noise reduction, CO2 emissions reduction and end-of-life management. While improving environmental performance, the company’s solutions give high-quality operating performance and low maintenance costs.


FLEXX Eco bogie /@Alstom / circlecreative
FLEXX Eco bogie /@Alstom / circlecreative
SNCF Spacium train interior

High safety and comfort standard

Alstom is putting the passenger at the heart of design and development. The company’s extensive catalogue of ergonomic features enables a safer, healthier, more comfortable, more efficient and more connected travel experience, tailored to customers’ expectations.


Zero-emission autonomy solutions for non-electrified networks

Capitalising on Alstom’s successful initiatives to develop the first hydrogen and battery trains for regional networks, commuter networks can now also benefit from the latest innovations. With a range of up to 1,000 km without charging, zero-emission technology is mature enough to replace diesel for greener mobility.


DART (Irish Rail) exterior view in station design image
X’trapolis BEMU for Ireland’s DART network / © ALSTOM SA 2021. Advanced&Creative Design | Atlantic Design | X'trapolis (TM)
X’trapolis cars ordered worldwide over 30 years
Aventra cars ordered, making it the UK’s leading commuter train
energy reduction achieved since 2014
recyclability achieved on new product generation
  • PRASA X’Trapolis Mega

    PRASA X’Trapolis Mega

    One of the biggest rail projects for Alstom: contract awarded by Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) to the Alstom-led joint-venture Gibela – to supply 600 X’Trapolis Mega passenger trains (3,600 cars) over 10 years. It also includes the construction of a local manufacturing facility, technical support and spares supply over an 18-year period.

  • S-Bahn Hamburg ET 490

    S-Bahn Hamburg ET 490

    Since 2013, S-Bahn Hamburg ordered 146 new commuter trains. The electric single and dual voltage commuter trains for Hamburg features innovative technology and were designed for energy efficiency, as well as low maintenance costs for the operator. The single-voltage trains are in service on the urban part of S-Bahn network, while the dual-voltage vehicles are also used on route extensions to the suburban regions.

  • SNCF Spacium

    SNCF Spacium

    The Spacium train for Ile-de-France Mobilités, the Francilien, is a state-of-the-art suburban train in service since December 2009. With its spacious and colourful design, this 21st century vehicle for large numbers of passengers defines a new standard of capacity and comfort for commuter application. Spacium is optimised according the available gauge therefore offers with the curved carbody great capacity and spacious feeling. With extra wide doors the train well suits the crowdy Paris environment and offers fast boarding capabilities.

  • Aventra commuter trains for Transport for London

    Aventra commuter trains for Transport for London

    Alstom delivered 222 Aventra commuter trains to Transport for London (TfL) for operation on the West Anglia and London Overground routes. The 20m long trains feature walk-through carriages, air-conditioning and improved accessibility. Optimised performance, including reduced weight, energy consumption, maintenance costs and high reliability, result in substantial benefits for both TfL and its passengers. In addition, Alstom is providing 35 years of maintenance services for the Aventra vehicles.

  • Popular BiLevel cars for Go Transit

    Popular BiLevel cars for Go Transit

    First introduced in 1978, the BiLevel coaches are the most popular double-deck commuter rail cars in North America. Today, more than 1,500 BiLevel cars have been ordered in 14 cities across Canada and the United States. One of the keys to the success of the BiLevel car has been its ability to adapt to changing needs and requirements. The latest steps in that evolution include BiLevel cars equipped with a Crash Energy Management system, full width cab, upgrades to door and air conditioning systems, increase in energy efficiency and enhancements to passenger amenities.

  • New Jersey Transit MultiLevel

    New Jersey Transit MultiLevel

    The MultiLevel coach features upper and lower seating levels, as well as a spacious intermediate level at each end of the car - making the coach truly “multi-level”. Developed with extensive input from NJ TRANSIT customers and employees, the state-of-the-art, stainless steel MultiLevel coach offers new levels of capacity, comfort and convenience. Each MultiLevel coach has 15-30% more seating capacity than a typical single-level car, yet is specially designed to meet the infrastructure constraints of certain rail networks, such as those posed by tunnels.

  • X’trapolis trains for Tren Maya

    X’trapolis trains for Tren Maya

    Mexico’s Tren Maya is a comprehensive 1,525-km mobility project that aims to develop and connect the southeast of the country with the Yucatán Peninsula. It will be a great boost to mobility and economic growth in this region. Overall, the project will generate 4,500 direct and 7,500 indirect jobs, which will generate significant economic development for the community. Alstom will manufacture the 42 trains at its Ciudad Sahagún Hidalgo plant, in Mexico. Tren Maya is one of the first projects benefiting from both Alstom and ex-Bombardier Transportation technology by combining Alstom’s X’trapolis architecture with Flexx Eco bogies.

  • Transperth C-series for Western Australia

    Transperth C-series for Western Australia

    The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) contracted Alstom to manufacture and maintain the next generation of Transperth C-series trains for Perth’s growing rail network. The contract consists of 41 6-car EMU trains and two 3-car DMU trains, which includes 50% local content, 20 years’ maintenance of the EMU trains and maintenance support services for the DMU trains.

  • First RRTS in India

    First RRTS in India

    India’s first Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) for the National Capital Region Transport Corporation will operate one of the fastest trains in India, with a design speed of 180 km per hour, reducing travel time between Meerut and Delhi to under 60 minutes. The sleek, modern train design is inspired by Delhi’s iconic monument, The Lotus Temple.

  • Double-deck trains (RER NG)

    Double-deck trains (RER NG)

    The new-generation RER is part of the "transport revolution" initiated by Île-de-France. Designed for dense zones, it boasts a fully open design on 2 levels, with a focus on fluidity, comfort and safety.

  • Double-deck Metra cars for Chicago

    Double-deck Metra cars for Chicago

    Metra, the commuter rail system in the Chicago metropolitan area serving the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, contracted Alstom to supply 200 push-pull commuter rail cars. The bilevel cars incorporate new design features to improve passenger experience, including: a streamlined, modern and welcoming interior, equipped with USB plugs and boasting large windows and a layout to improve passenger flow and passenger comfort; seating and spacing to allow for additional passengers and physical distancing; touchless doors; improved bogie design for improved travel quality; and multiple wide doors on each side of the cars to reduce passenger boarding times and improve access to passenger areas.