Onvia freight & mining: Streamlining operation centre tasks

In the traffic control center, Copenhagen

Onvia freight & mining at a glance

  • Standard and configurable
  • Customisable to needs
  • Operational efficiency
  • Additionally adaptable to commuter rail

With this specific and proven solution for freight and mining lines, Onvia™ fulfils requirements for service planning and dispatching through to automation, optimising their operations.

Enhanced performance

The key feature of Onvia freight & mining is how it improves traffic management procedures to enable higher train availability. By issuing electronic authorities and automatically overseeing train speeds and dealing with conflicts, there are fewer voice transactions between trains and the control centre operator, enabling a greater number of train movements to be managed. Furthermore, its network-wide scheduling and planning tools also determine train graphs and rolling stock / crew management, improving efficiency through asset utilisation.

Reducing operating costs

Onvia freight & mining detects potential conflicts as they arise, offering controllers resolution options, thus minimising delays. With the Onvia movement planner, operators benefit from tactical automatic re-planning and routing solutions in response to operational situations and unexpected conflicts. This allows operating costs to be controlled and reduced. While designed for freight and mining operations and deployed in Brazil, Australia, Colombia and Canada, it has also proven to be suited to the needs of certain commuter networks such as in Texas and California, USA.

Full asset management

By monitoring the health and condition of signalling and communications assets, often on remote sites, Onvia freight & mining provides valuable information for predictive and proactive maintenance all over the network. This contributes to improving overall availability and reliability of services.

  • 1 to 2%
    fuel savings
  • 4
    continents over the past 20 years: service proven