Supervision: Advanced urban network control

Operational Control Center of Sao Paulo metro, Brazil

Urbalis Vision at a glance

  • Open architecture
  • Modular and standard products
  • Proven functions
  • User friendly interfaces

Adopted all over the world and customisable to client requirements, Alstom’s urban supervision portfolio, Urbalis Vision™, offers operators a modular, configurable and scalable network control system for metro, suburban rail and tram operations. These centralised controls allow for automated traffic management with a high level of operational flexibility, enabling operators to develop advanced regulation scenarios.

Benefit from our global expertise 

Alstom has over 30 years of experience in providing complex and integrated control centres for urban rail systems. Our control centres solution, Urbalis Vision, maximises operator efficiency by integrating all functionalities based on state-of-the-art components to provide traffic supervision and regulation, decision support and smart incident management.  

Adapted to needs 

Urbalis Vision is made up of modules which address control centre needs for automatic train supervision (ATS), station and fixed equipment management (SCADA) and communication and security (ISM). These modules can be supplied separately or bundled together in an integrated control and security centre, as adopted, for example, by the Riyadh automatic metro. The solution can be either deployed on a new line or fitted to an existing network thanks to its flexible architecture and can be combined with any signalling system.  

Optimised traffic management

Urbalis Vision is dedicated to operations performance and optimisation. It offers automated traffic management for driverless systems and automated depot management, various regulation strategies including junctions and temporary services managements and can help to formulate energy savings strategies, such as reducing speed or synchronising vehicle arrivals and departures in stations. This ability to combine traffic regulation and energy saving is a result of our long-standing expertise in signalling and rolling stock.

User friendly and efficient

Our teams work together with the customer to deliver the project in line with objectives. Controllers are provided with a customisable graphical user interface (GUI) offering the full picture of their operations for easier decision making. From Lille and Amsterdam to Montreal and Toronto or Singapore, clients around the world have chosen Alstom’s advanced network control to cost-effectively supervise lines and networks according to their specific needs. 

  • 160+
    urban control centres in operation worldwide
  • 20%
    up to 20% energy savings
  • > 30
    years experience