System management and analytics: Connecting technology for the future

Operational Control Center of Sao Paulo metro, Brazil

Connecting technology for the future

  • Designed to increase system availability and simplify installation and maintenance
  • Open source big data-friendly framework allows hosting of user and third-party applications
  • Algorithms designed for machine learning, cyber security, and a connected environment allow for easy updates
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Single platform allows integration with Alstom and third-party controllers and technology

Alstom’s big data platform for the wayside provides flexible solutions for the data acquisition and edge processing required to cost effectively adapt customers’ distributed assets into connected technology.

Flexible and scalable

A low-cost multipurpose data acquisition and recording product collects the data needed for analytics. Furthermore, it provides one platform for a full range of missions: a crossing monitor and reporting unit, a crossing recorder, switch machine monitoring, track circuit monitoring and remote location data acquisition.

Improving customer operations

Alstom’s connected technology helps to ensure better utilisation of field devices, while analytics provide insight on diagnostic and predictive information, thus making a direct and positive impact on train availability. Inspections are automated, hence improving maintenance efficiency and reducing parts replacement.

Life cycle cost

Modular components with future proof design, coupled with open source software, embraces IoT friendly platforms to help optimize the full life cost of the system.