Whitepaper: Innovation at Alstom - Autonomous Train Operation

In today’s world, innovation is happening at an unprecedented pace in various fields, including material, technology, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and processes, among others. It is important to not only follow a long-term vision but also to make innovations quickly available. At Alstom, we therefore differentiate between “innovation in the now” and “innovation for the future”.

This paper is part of a series of documents that explain our approach to a specific topic to deliver innovation in the now and to prepare innovation for the future.

Autonomous Train Operation (ATO) refers to the use of advanced technologies, such as the integration of various digital, sensor-based technologies, making railways more efficient, accurate, and more reliable than ever, and improving their overall performance. Research and development are ongoing in autonomous trains, which can operate without human intervention. These systems have the potential to increase capacity and overcome the current labour shortage in many countries. Key aspects of autonomous train operation include automatic train control, remote monitoring and control, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity.

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