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Citadis inside the maintenance depot (EMC) - People working on the roof of the tram - Casablanca - Morocco - November 2012

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We are decarbonising the world with innovative technologies for a smart and green mobility and offer you development and career opportunities within our international company. 

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About Alstom

Alstom supports the Dutch mobility market with green and smart solutions in the rail market, from high-speed and regional trains, metros and trams to maintenance and signalling solutions.

More than 700 vehicles of the Dutch train fleets as metros for Amsterdam and Rotterdam, trams for Rotterdam and The Hague, locomotives for multiple operators and the future Intercity New Generation (ICNG) for NS take passengers from one place to another. 

Alstom Netherlands currently employs 450 people and is looking for additional skills.

Why Alstom?

  • Jobs that make sense: We are committed to solving real-world mobility challenges and re-inventing the transport systems of tomorrow. At Alstom, we develop the most efficient, intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions with innovative technologies.
  • Career & Personal Development: As a large, international company, we offer many opportunities for advancement and career development. We also offer the possibility to develop yourself further through Alstom University.
  • Employment conditions: We follow the CAO Metalektro which means you have 38 days off per year. Furthermore, we offer a bonus scheme.
  • ICNG new trains project

    ICNG new trains project

    The latest technologies for this new generation of regional trains enhancing operational performance, sustainability and comfort for the passengers. Our experts teams care for the project management, the tests and the commissioning of the new systems.

  • Signalling urban solutions and main lines (Amsterdam and ERTMS BetuweRoute)

    Signalling urban solutions and main lines (Amsterdam and ERTMS BetuweRoute)

    Digital systems caring for a safe, efficient and greener mobility for urban and main lines rail transport. The automatisation of the rail systems is in full development, further than for the car systems.

  • Maintenance (Rotterdam – Nieuwegein – Digital Services Ridderkerk – Utrecht D&IS)

    Maintenance (Rotterdam – Nieuwegein – Digital Services Ridderkerk – Utrecht D&IS)

    We care for an optimal life cycle cost of rail systems from Alstom or from other manufacturers. Predictive maintenance based on thousands of data transmitted by the systems increases the availability and reliability of these systems. It is also a strong element of economy.

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Join us if you would like to work on these exciting projects.

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Contact our recruitment team

Contact our recruitment team:

For experienced jobs, send your CV to Tara Lecluyze.
A motivation letter is not a requirement.

 (WhatsApp/mobile phone)  +31 (0)6 51 13 35 51

For internships or training on the job, send your CV to the HR department.

 (WhatsApp/mobile phone)  +31 (0)6 25 25 27 36





Get on board with Alstom!

Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility

At Alstom, we have a long history of innovating to create value: the world speed record at 574 km/h, the 1st implementation of the European signalling solutions on track and onboard, the first hydrogen train in commercial service, the HealthHubTM predictive maintenance system …

We work continuously to meet the ever-changing needs of the market we serve.

These are exciting challenges that motivate us to provide solutions and, even more importantly, solve problems.  Every step to develop energy-efficient electrical rail solutions benefit from a nurturing culture of inclusive and collaborative innovation.  This is how we are leading the way to a greener and smarter mobility.

We are convinced that efficient and performant innovation is achieved through our employees’ entrepreneurial spirit. At Alstom, innovation is transparent, inclusive, business-minded, open, and above all, collaborative.

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