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Seat parts in seats production, SAIRA Seats supplier, Andrezieux-Boutheon, France

Alstom develops complex and integrated projects that require a strong and trustworthy Suppliers ecosystem in order to succeed. This means developing close partnerships with over 21,000 suppliers and contractors in 83 countries. Suppliers represent 60% of Alstom's global annual spend and cover a wide range of activities such as: train metallic and interior, electrical & propulsion, digital mobility solutions, infrastructure, maintenance and modernisation activities to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards.

  • 60%
    of Alstom's total annual spend
  • >21,000
  • 83

Sustainable Procurement

Alstom has created a dedicated Sustainable Procurement Policy, including an Ethics and Sustainable Development Charter for Alstom’s Suppliers and Contractors. Alstom has set the objective that all its suppliers and contractors commit to respecting this Charter.

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Sustainable Procurement

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Alstom Alliance™

In order to provide our customers with high quality, cost-efficient solutions in the competitive railway market, we aim to work with our strategic partners in development and delivery from the earliest design phase through to execution in the market.

The core of Alstom Alliance™ is to establish long-term, win-win partnerships with valued suppliers.

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Alstom Alliance: developing long-term partnerships with suppliers

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Supplier Quality Portal

Alstom's Supplier Quality Portal supports quality activities and interactions with all suppliers all along the process. It acts as the “single point of truth” for quality data. The use of the Supplier Quality Portal by our suppliers is mandatory, to allow for real-time information, transparency and accurate information. The Supplier Quality Portal contains several modules, such as audits, SPQD plans, non-conformity, 8D, waivers, action plan management, and more.

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StationOneTM is the marketplace dedicated to the railway industry and enables you to sell your products directly towards railway operators. StationOne is your digital sales channel on spare parts for trains, signalling and infrastructure.

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General Purchase Conditions

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This domain covers information solution and signalling. 
Indirect Procurement covers services, IT services, fleet travel & telecom.
The metallic domain covers metallic parts from aluminium, stainless steel to carbon steel.
The railway infrastructure domain is built around four pillars: 
Electrification (from HV substation to catenary wire including complete MV and LV distribution), trackworks (such as rails, turnouts, concrete), electromechanical (platform screen doors, ticketing and depot equipments). The purchase of installation and civil works activities allow delivering turnkey solutions to our customers.
The subsystems domain covers the key functions of the train for all the platforms. 
The first one is the safety function with components such as brakes, doors & couplers. The second one is the energy & comfort function with diverse families of products: HVAC, seats, toilets, floor, glazing, gangways, energy storage & pantographs.
The electrical and propulsion systems domain covers electrical LV (looms, cubicles, cables), wheelsets & drive systems & traction equipment (incl. traction transformer, auxilliary power unit, batteries, diesel power packs, H2 fuel cell & storage systems)
 The train interior domain covers a comprehensive portfolio of interior components, passenger comfort systems and aesthetical elements.
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