Alstom Raildagen 2023 in Rotterdam

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On September 15 & 16, Alstom opens its doors to the general public, customers, suppliers, employees, family and students to explore the world of the rail industry. To give you a preview, we have listed a few highlights of the event below.

  • A dozen of various trains are on display (including the new ICNG). 

  • Different Alstom departments will showcase their processes and activities through exhibitions and interactive presentations. 

  • Demonstrations of the fire train and wheel turning lathe.

  • Experience a train safety simulator.

  • Fun activities for kids, including a scavenger hunt.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Raildagen! 


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Step on board and enjoy a tour on our maintenance location in Rotterdam, where all aspects of mobility are covered. Our event offers an engaging blend of exhibitions, interactive presentations, and demonstrations. Whether you're a train enthusiast, curious about train technology, or simply looking for a fun day out, everyone is welcome!

During the tour, you will visit the following stations: