Consensus Half Year 2022/23

Alstom decided, for this half year of fiscal year 2022/23, to provide the market with a company compiled consensus, based on estimates provided for the Group.

As such, Alstom has collected financial forecasts between 10 October and 3 November 2022 directly from the sell-side analysts.

It is provided by Alstom solely for information purposes and may not be necessarily complete. Its publication by Alstom shall under no circumstances be regarded as a validation or approval by Alstom of all or part of these forecasts.

It does not represent the opinions, forecasts or forward-looking statements of Alstom, or of its management. In consequence, Alstom cannot be held responsible for any of the information, statement or data contained in or omitted from this table. This information should not be construed as an invitation to buy or sell shares or to enter into any type of transaction whatsoever.

H1 2022/23
(in € million)

Orders Sales Adj. EBIT Adj. EBIT margin Adj. Net Income Free Cash Flow
Mean 9,604 8,012 387 4.8% 216 (179)
Median 9,639 8,014 387 4.8% 211 (200)
Min 8,974 7,786 309 4.0% 163 (251)
Max 9,915 8,277 442 5.3% 264 (33)
# forecasts 16 16 16 16 7 12

Page published on November 4, 2022