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Components Propulsion: The one-stop shop for all propulsion system needs


Propulsion at a glance

  • Extensive range of service proven solutions for all types of rolling stock
  • Worldwide footprint close to our customers
  • Tailored to operational requirements
  • A combination of innovation and experience
  • Efficiency, reliability and optimized cost of ownership

Alstom draws on its 50-year experience in designing and manufacturing propulsion systems and components for all brands of rolling stock irrespective of whether it is newly built or refurbished.

Latest proven technology

Rolling stock owners can count on Alstom’s continuous research and development programs, supported by its long-standing experience and service feedback. Our propulsion solutions incorporate the latest semiconductor technology and benefit from our design and simulation tools and stringent validation procedures, ensuring that customers receive the latest proven technology to power both Alstom and non-Alstom trains.

A traction case of the Ottawa Citadis Spirit, Hornell, USA © Alstom / Earl Richardson
A traction case of the Ottawa Citadis Spirit, Hornell, USA © Alstom / Earl Richardson


Owners choose Alstom propulsion solutions safe in the knowledge that they have a flexible, knowledgeable and experienced partner with a proven track record in rolling stock and propulsion technology. Complying with the latest safety standards, Alstom propulsion components offer high reliability, efficiency and maintainability for worry-free and cost-effective operations.

For all vehicles and environments

Our traction systems, available for all types of rail vehicles, from trams to locomotives and from regional to very-high-speed trains, and for electric buses, are specifically designed for each type of vehicle and its specific operating conditions. Whether it’s dealing with different voltage levels, catering for extreme temperatures or humidity levels, or fitting into specific spaces on vehicles for higher passenger capacity, our solutions are guaranteed to meet the requirements. 

Eco-designed / Green Traction 

Alstom’s technology solutions are based on eco-design principles: low noise, energy efficiency (including, for example, regenerative braking, natural cooling) and low lifecycle costs. Also, in our continuous attempts to limit environmental impact, Alstom has developed low carbon alternative systems including hydrogen fuel cell-based traction systems, energy storage-based traction systems and all our products are highly recyclable.

trams fitted with Alstom traction systems worldwide
metro cars with Alstom traction products
regional and high-speed trains equipped

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