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Atlas: Performance and reliability for ERTMS interoperability

Atlas product

Atlas at a glance

  • Meets the wide range of operating needs and contexts of railway operators
  • Atlas trainborne can be retrofitted to any type of rolling stock
  • Proven ERTMS Baseline 3

With railways installing ambitious renovation or new build signalling projects, operators require an interoperable solution that delivers performance and reliability for a wide range of different network operating needs and can be fitted to all types of trains.

Covering every need

The European ETCS* / ERTMS** standard for rail interoperability has several objectives: facilitate border crossings, open up the rail signalling market, increase commercial speeds, reduce intervals between two trains, decrease maintenance costs and guarantee maximum safety. Atlas is a scalable and configurable range adaptable to all types of ERTMS projects - whether trackside or trainborne - to meet all types of customer needs. 

Guaranteed benefits, genuine experience

Alstom offers a proven package of 100% interoperable equipment, backed up by over ten years of commercial operation in ERTMS Level 2. With projects in 29 countries, we are experts in track/train and train/track interoperability, as well as being a leader in ETCS trainborne systems. 

Atlas offers a complete system for optimal efficiency and complete safety, delivering a number of benefits: improved line capacity (high-density, higher speed) and service reliability; “go-anywhere”, flexible and upgradeable design, and compatibility with energy-saving driving profiles. 

Covering the full market

We offer four main trackside solutions: Atlas 100 (level 1), Atlas 200 (level 2), Atlas 400 (for low density) and Atlas 500 (for high density).

Atlas 100 implements ETCS Level 1 and is wholly compatible with existing signalling systems.

Atlas 200 is the first solution based on GSM-R installed on all types of lines: very high-speed, mixed traffic and freight.  In addition to enabling the interval between trains and journey times to be reduced, the Atlas 200 solution can also be installed in a short timeframe and delivers a better level of service quality with a higher availability rate.

Atlas 400 and Atlas 500, the two most recent solutions, were born out of Alstom’s ten years of expertise. Atlas 400 is adapted to low-density routes and allows trackside equipment to be rationalised. Atlas 500 is adapted to high-density suburban and intercity lines and offers improved performance and greater capacity.

Improving standards onboard

Our Atlas trainborne solution is proven in service with the new Baseline 3 standard, and is installation and integration-ready for all types of new trains, whilst also being retrofittable on existing fleets. Every type of rolling stock can be accommodated (freight and passenger locos, EMUs/DMUs, etc.) and on every scale of project (national, international or local). Atlas trainborne offers multiple Specific Transmission Modules (STMs) for compatibility with conventional systems, including first complete homologated corridor equipment (Corridor A). Our solutions also extend beyond Europe with the first implementation of ETCS in Australia and deployment in South Africa on 600 trains, as well as in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, China, UAE and Turkey.

* European Train Control System 
** European Rail Traffic Management System 

of ERTMS Level 2 lines in service in Europe are provided by Alstom
trains equipped with Atlas in commercial service