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Our commitment
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Our commitment

As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the transport sector. Alstom offers a complete range of solutions (from high-speed trains to metros, tramways and e-buses), passenger solutions, customised services (maintenance, modernisation), infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Alstom is a world leader in integrated transport systems.

Alstom has deep roots in Spanish industrial and technological history. We could go back 150 years in time to find the origins of Alstom in Spain. Since them, Alstom has reached many milestones with a long history of innovation and commitment to industrial development and sustainable mobility.

Currently Alstom in Spain employs around 2,000 people in 18 work sites,  making it the second largest Spanish employer in the sector. The company has a rolling stock manufacturing site and 4 innovation centres where it runs R&D programmes for rolling stock, signalling, security and services. The technological laboratory located in Madrid has become a benchmark for signalling, security  and Digital Mobility projects throughout the world.

Alstom in  Spain is also clearly committed to international expansion and exports. Over 50% of its business is dedicated to projects abroad, including the worldwide centres of excellence dedicated to signaling, security, and Digital Mobility.

Thanks to technical know-how, industrial capacity and international structure, Alstom is also a strategic partner for major Spanish companies in their drive for internationalizatio. Some of these world-wide projects include Panama Metro with FCC, the Guadalajara metro with OHL, Sydney tramway with Acciona, the Ottawa light railway with ACS, tramways in Algeria with Isolux and the Riyadh metro with FCC. 

Alstom is also the only company in Spain with local industrial and technological presence in all the activities related to railway transport: manufacturing, signaling, services, infrastructure and smart mobility.

  • A sustainable focus

    Alstom provides innovative and environmentally-friendly rail solutions to meet mobility needs through a socially-responsible business model.

    The solutions that Alstom develops are designed to optimise sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, from the choice of raw materials and the manufacturing process to its operational efficiency, with particular emphasis on reducing energy consumption and end-of-life recycling.
    As part of this commitment, Alstom has joined the Spanish Green Growth Group, whose aim is to progress towards a low-carbon economy. 

    Globally, Alstom’s main objective for 2020 is to reduce the energy consumption of its products and services by 20%, compared to 2014 data. The energy intensity of its production sites and facilities is also set to decrease by 10% before 2020.

    To achieve these objectives, Alstom is implementing an intensive program of technological innovation and eco-design in product development.

  • 2000
  • 18
  • 4
    innovation centers
  • 50%
    of sales are for international

Reference projects in Spain

  • High-speed trains in Spain

    High-speed trains in Spain

    Over 25 years ago, Alstom delivered the first high speed trains in Spain. Since then, we have been a pioneer in all the major milestones of the Spanish railway sector, including the so-called Lanzaderas (S114 and S104 Pendolino High Speed trains) and the high-speed train crossing the border and running either in the French or Spanish railway network.



    ERTMS systems (truck and on-board) for high speed lines (Albacete-Alicante, Atlantic Corridor, Valladolid-León-Burgos) and trains (S100, S114, S104). On-board and track ERTMS systems for commuter lines and trains (Madrid and Barcelona suburban networks)

  • Trams


    Alstom's Citadis tram has revolutionized urban transport by introducing into our cities a new concept of sustainable mobility integrated into urban architecture. Half of all trams currently running in our cities were manufactured by Alstom in Spain.

  • Driverless metro

    Alstom has manufacturing the Metropolis trainsets that operates in the Metro de Barcelona driverless Line 9. This is the only metro driverless line in Spain.

  • Passenger Experience

    Passenger Experience

    Alstom has been the first manufacturer to equip Spanish High Speed Trains with WiFi on board (S100 Madrid-Seville line).

  • Electromechanical Equipment in High Speed Tunnels

    Alstom has equipped the electromechanical and security installations in many tunnels on Spanish high-speed lines, including the Pajares tunnel and the Guadarrama tunel, Spain´s longest tunnel with a length of 28.8 km.

On-going projects in Spain

  • Panama metro

    Panama metro

    All 20 metros ordered for Panama Line 2 are being manufactured at Alstom’s plant in Barcelona, where the metro trainsets for line 1 were produced as well. With 21-km length and 16 stations, the new line 2 of Panama metro is expected to enter in commercial operation in 2019.

  • Sydney latest generation TRAM

    Sydney latest generation TRAM

    Alstom is manufacturing in Spain the 60 latest generation Citadis X05 Tram for Sidney. This is the first worldwide Citadis X05 project, showcasing Alstom sites in Spain state-of-the-art capabilities to implement innovative projects worldwide.

  • ERTMS technology in ADIF’s laboratory trains

    ERTMS technology in ADIF’s laboratory trains

    Alstom is installing the latest Atlas ERTMS/ETCS technology solution on the ADIF owned auscultation trains, which are in charge of both validating the new and on-going trackside ERTMS/ETCS projects and to make routine inspections along the entire Spanish ERTMS/ETCS equipped rail network. This update of the on-board systems on ADIF's “monitoring” trains will renovate an upgrade Adif’s technological capacity, increasing its services portfolio and improving performance.

  • SRS – electric  bus charging system

    SRS – electric bus charging system

    Alstom is developing in Málaga the first worldwide prototype of new Alstom’s technology SRS, a breakthrough ground-based power charging system for buses. The project includes the adaptation of a 100% electric bus, the installation of sub-stations and charging systems at terminus, as well as the implementation of energy efficiency technologies. The prototype is expected to be working and operational in 2019.

  • Digital Mobility

    Digital Mobility

    Alstom Digital Mobility (ADM) and its Smart Mobility Lab in Spain are developing technologies to respond to both the requirements of passengers (sustainability, connectivity, fluidity and integration) and of operators (multi-modality, punctuality, availability and efficiency).

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Alstom Transport/TOMA-F.Christophorides

People, at the heart of our business

Development and career management of our people is key for the success and growth of Alstom. Setting trends in innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies, Alstom knows that employee empowerment is crucial to its success and continues to strengthen its culture by promoting diversity and entrepreneurial spirit with a fundamental commitment to integrity and high ethical business standards and practice.

For third consecutive year, Alstom has received the the Top Employers Spain 2018 certification, which confirms that it is one of the country’s best companies to work for. 

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