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Alstom to establish a hydro Global Technology Centre in Tianjin, China

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Alstom Renewable Power, Alstoms division in charge of renewable power generation equipment and services, plans to establish a Global Technology Centre (GTC) in Tianjin, China, as part of its 100 million euro investment announced in November 2010 to upgrade Tianjins hydro industrial facility the largest one for Alstom in the world and support its hydro business growth in China and abroad. With the addition of the new GTC to Tianjin facility, Alstom Hydro China will become a full value chain entity with a wide array of activities, ranging from R&D, sales & marketing, engineering design, sourcing, manufacturing, project management, installation maintenance and service. 

Tianjin technical center will adopt the common platform for product development in use across all Alstoms Hydro R&D facilities around the world. Through effective international collaboration and with the support of local service centres in 100 countries, the Tianjin GTC will be able to better meet the needs of Chinese and global markets and to develop local R&D expertise. 

Combining global experts and skilled local engineers, the new GTC has already started its R&D activities, which include hydraulic, mechanical and electrical research and development and turbine scale model tests. An additionnal laboratory with a test stand, enabling the model testing of hydraulic designs for Francis and Kaplan turbines is scheduled to enter operation in summer 2013. 

The initiative to establish a Global Technology Centre in Tianjin illustrates Alstoms commitment to accelerate competence and R&D capabilities in China, bring our technology to local customers and support the clean energy growth in China and the global market as well, said Jérôme Pécresse, President of Alstoms Renewable Power Sector and Executive Vice-President of Alstom.

China is the largest hydro market in the world. According to Chinese government estimates, the Chinese hydro market is expected to grow by over 65 percent from 2011 to 2020 to reach an installed capacity of 380 GW - the equivalent of about 17 Three Gorges hydroelectric plants. By the end of 2015, Chinas production of hydroelectricity is expected to reach 910 billion kilowatt-hours, hydropower being the highest priority source of renewable energy in the country. 

Alstom is a leading supplier of hydro power generation equipment and systems in China with around a 20% share of the Chinese large hydro equipment market. The company has been supporting the development of Chinas hydropower industry ever since the establishment of Tianjin Alstom Hydro (TAH), Alstoms first manufacturing site in China, 17 years ago. Alstom has directly contributed to many of Chinas major hydro projects, such as the worlds largest power plant, Three Gorges (14 x 700 MW units), Li Yuan (4 x 600 MW units) and Xiangjiaba  (4 x 800 MW units). With over 800 MW, the turbines designed, engineered and installed by Alstom for Xianjiaba are the worlds largest hydro turbines ever designed and manufactured to date. 

In China, Alstom employs 10 000 people of which 2 000 work in hydropower activities. Accounting for over 25% of worldwide hydropower generation, Alstom maintains a leading position in the global hydro market through its sustained research, design, test and development. The companys network of hydro Global Technology Centres was created to develop regional expertise and leverage local knowledge to benefit customers around the world. In addition to Tianjin, other GTCs in the Alstom hydro network are located in Grenoble (France the lead centre), Birr (Switzerland), Sorel-Tracy (Canada) and Vadodara (India). In addition to Tianjin, another GTC is under construction in Taubaté (Brazil). 

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