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Alstom awarded the first fully digital substation contract in Venezuela

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Alstom Grid has been awarded a contract [1] by SNC Engineering & Construction to supply the new 138/24 kV Zulia 8 digital substation in Venezuela. Located in Maracaibo City, Zulia State, the digital substation solution offers ease of configuration, maximised reliability and availability, and superior presentation of data to operators. 

The project is part of the production plans of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) PETROBOSCAN[2] to increase the availability of secure and reliable power to the new oil campus south of Maracaibo, the second largest city in Venezuela. This will allow PDVSA to achieve its goal of raising crude oil production in the Boscán Field, from 107,000 barrels per day up to 127,000 barrels per day by 2016. 

The IEC 61850 compliant full digital substation provides protection and monitoring functions, ensuring increased real-time communication efficiency within the substation. The richness of data communicated offers flexibility - a key feature of the modern, smarter power grid, where health monitoring for all primary assets is of paramount importance. The removal of kilometres of live copper wiring by this solution also maximises the safety of personnel, and improves maintainability. 

The contract pioneers the full digital solution for the Americas with the latest DS Agile digital control system and MiCOM protection relays; contract scope also includes two power transformers, gas-insulated switchgear, and protection and control systems.  Site operation will be done in Venezuela, and the substation automation system (protection and control) will be implemented by Alstoms team in Mexico. Site tests are expected to start mid-2015. 

This contract represents a first in South America, establishing Alstoms expertise in digital substation technology across two countries: Venezuela and México, commented Santiago Ulloa, President of Alstom Venezuela.

[1] This contract was booked in Q3 of 2013/2014

[2] Petróleos de Venezuelas (PDVSA) PETROBOSCAN is a State owned company, the fourth largest oil company worldwide and the biggest in Latin America.

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