Alstom to provide integrated metro system for the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania

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  • Alstom to provide system integration, signalling and telecommunication, power supply, track work, platform doors, security and control centre and cybersecurity platform

  • Alstom’s Urbalis CBTC solution to enable first fully automated metro project in Romania

  • Alstom’s contract share worth around €400 million

25 May 2023 - Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has signed a contract with the Cluj-Napoca City Hall for the construction of Cluj-Napoca Metro Line 1, in the Transylvania region of Romania, as part of a consortium with the civil works companies Gulermak and Arcada. The full value of this state-of-the-art turnkey project comes to around €1.8 billion, with Alstom’s share reaching approximately €400 million.

Alstom will be responsible for the system integration, signalling and telecommunication, power supply and track work, platform doors, security and control centre, as well as implementing proven cybersecurity throughout the system. Alstom will deploy communications-based train control (CBTC) supporting the highest grade of automation 4 (GoA4) for the first time in Romania, using its proven, high-capacity CBTC signalling solution Urbalis.

  • €400 M
    Alstom's contract share worth
  • 8 years
    Line 1 metro to be completed over 8 years
  • 21 km
    Metro to cover 21 kilometres
  • 19
    Metro to have 19 underground stations

“I am extremely proud that Alstom will take part in the construction of the Cluj-Napoca Metro. It is another milestone in Alstom’s long-standing presence and expertise in Romania. This is a very ambitious and innovative infrastructure project for the country. Cluj-Napoca Metro is one of the biggest turnkey projects in Europe, covering a solid portfolio of signalling and infrastructure solutions that showcase Alstom’s leadership in sustainable urban mobility. Furthermore it provides an exciting opportunity to innovate in the Romanian market with the driverless metro – our international track record gives us the unique expertise needed for such a pioneering project,” says Gian Luca Erbacci, President of Alstom Europe Region.

Line 1 of the new metro, to be completed over 8 years, will cover 21 kilometres and 19 underground stations. The first section, totalling just over 9 kilometres, 9 stations and an above-ground depot, will be financed through Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), and will be completed in 4 years.

Upon completion, the Cluj-Napoca Metro will be Romania’s first fully automated metro line. Deploying Alstom’s turnkey metro system featuring integrated control centre, Urbalis CBTC technology supporting driverless operation and high-capacity service at 90 seconds headways, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity platform, will bring frequent, reliable and energy-efficient operation to the west-east connection and greatly improve green mobility across the city of Cluj-Napoca. 

Gian Luca Erbacci

"Cluj-Napoca Metro is one of the biggest turnkey projects in Europe, covering a solid portfolio of signalling and infrastructure solutions that showcase Alstom’s leadership in sustainable urban mobility."

Gian Luca Erbacci
President of Alstom Europe Region

With over 50 years’ experience and 80 turnkey systems in commercial service globally, Alstom is the world’s leading partner for delivering integrated turnkey systems suited to every mobility need. Recent metro system highlights include Montreal REM, Riyadh Metro, Athens Line 4, Grand Paris Line 18, Toulouse Line C, Panama L2, Guadalajara Metro line 3 and Dubai Metro Route 2020.

Alstom is the world leader in the CBTC market, with its advanced and high-performance urban signalling solutions in service on 145 lines worldwide. In Europe, Alstom technology is already in use  in Madrid, Milan, Lyon, Lausanne, Paris and Amsterdam serving various types of lines and grades of automation; and is currently being installed on numerous other lines, including Line 5 of the Bucharest Metro.

For almost 30 years, Alstom has been an innovative pioneer playing an important role in Romania’s transition towards a modern and sustainable railway transport. From state-of-the-art digital rail control, to infrastructure and electrification projects, along with metro and mainline rolling stock and the long-term maintenance of the metro fleet in the country’s capital city Bucharest, Alstom is constantly making a difference in the mainline and urban rail transport in Romania.

Alstom™, Urbalis™ and  Iconis™ are protected trademarks of the Alstom Group.

Curtici station, fully rehabilitated Romania

Alstom in Romania

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