Alstom partners with United Way of Bengaluru to successfully rejuvenate Bidare Agrahara Lake

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Press contact - Megha Chaturvedi

Megha Chaturvedi

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  • Implemented in partnership with United Way of Bengaluru, the initiative addresses the SDG goal 6 of achieving "clean water and sanitation for all”.

  • The lake now boasts a water holding capacity of 18 crore litres, contributing significantly to the improvement of the local groundwater table.

Bengaluru, 21 June 2024 - Addressing the severe water scarcity faced by Bengaluru, Alstom, a global leader in sustainable mobility, has partnered with United Way Bangalore, a leading Non-profit organisation to successfully rejuvenate the Bidare Agrahara Lake, situated in the Doddabanahalli Village, Bengaluru East. The initiative is aligned to the larger ‘Wake the lake’ plan that aims to address the SDG goal 6.

This comprehensive restoration project has increased the lake's water holding capacity to 18 crore litres, significantly improving the groundwater table and reviving Dakshina Pinakini River. It has led to the removal of 25,800 cubic meters of silt and 8,300 cubic meters of sludge from the lake, significantly improving its water quality and capacity.

"With improved water quality and green covers, this lake has the potential to become a mini biodiversity hotspot in the future. "

Olivier Loison
Managing Director, Alstom India

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka is also known as 'the city of lakes'. In recent years, the city has been facing a severe water crisis due to various factors such as rapid urbanization, population growth, and climate change. The city heavily relies on groundwater sources, which are depleting at an alarming rate. Moreover, the quality of water in lakes and rivers has deteriorated due to pollution and encroachment. Alstom is at the forefront of addressing the challenges facing society today, from global warming to rapid urbanisation. This initiative represents Alstom’s commitment to fostering a positive social and ecological impact, environmental sustainability, and community development.

Commenting on the success of the project, Olivier Loison, Managing Director of Alstom India, said, "At Alstom, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities where we operate. Our dedication to sustainable practices extends beyond our industry and into the broader communities we serve. The Bidare Agrahara Lake restoration project is a testament to this commitment. With improved water quality and green covers, this lake has the potential to become a mini biodiversity hotspot in the future. By supporting the 'Wake the Lake' initiative, Alstom aims to make a lasting impact by empowering the local community and contributing to the creation of a sustainable world for future generations.

Alstom and UWBe have also undertaken several impactful activities to enhance the ecological and social value of the lake. These include removal of hyacinth, desludging, and desilting, strengthening of the lake main bund, inlet culvert construction, waste weir restoration, sedimentation ponds creation, and fencing of the lake to protect the boundary.

To promote biodiversity, an island has been created for bird perching at the center of the waterbody, and various native tree species were planted using traditional, dense and Miyawaki methods. Community amenities such as walk paths, benches, an adult open-air gym, and play areas for kids have also been established to provide an enhanced recreational space for greater engagement of the community.

Alstom has been actively working towards supporting the transition towards sustainable transport systems that are inclusive, environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient while implementing a socially responsible business model. Alstom India has participated in a range of community assistance programmes around the country because of its constant watchfulness. These initiatives are carried out in close collaboration with local or international NGOs that have a track record of successfully implementing initiatives on the ground.

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