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Brake friction: The optimum life cycle for any train


Brake friction at a glance

  • Unique technical design features
  • In-depth material selection and transformation know-how
  • Exhaustive product catalogue for all applications
  • Optimised for low life cycle and recyclability

As a crucial component at the heart of train braking, Alstom’s complete range of pads and disk technologies ensures safe and cost-effective operations.

Innovation and R&D

With ongoing investment in R&D, Alstom brings innovative solutions, such as over-moulding cast iron on steel to absorb the thermo-mechanical stress from braking, and easy-assembly sectorised wheel-mounted discs to prevent deformation.

Our unique over-moulding disc technology and design. © Alstom/Arnaud Février
years of experience
mini life time improvement
In-house forging ensuring highest quality. © Alstom/Arnaud Février

Engineering and manufacturing

Alstom is expert in all aspects of development, from design to in-house manufacturing including forging, material blending and machining, while providing full certification using UIC dynamometers from development up to train performance using UIC dynamometers.

A trusted partner for life-cycle-optimised solutions

Thanks to friction know-how and expertise in all in-house critical manufacturing processes, Alstom ensures the highest quality over a product’s lifetime. The company not only works with major railway operators but is also a trusted supplier for the aircraft, automotive and other industries.

For any inquiries on our pads and discs, you can contact our representative at +33 6 426 73267 or consult our Alstom Flertex website at Homepage - Alstom Flertex.

A full range of high-quality and long-life pads. © Alstom/Arnaud Février

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