Hesop: Saving energy and costs in a single solution

 HESOP - Energy resued through station equipments

Hesop at a glance

  • Reduced infrastructure investment
  • Suitable for metros, tramways and railway
  • Recovery of braking energy
  • Less heat dissipation on trains

An effective response to transport authorities’ needs for enhanced energy efficiency, Hesop optimises the energy consumed in metro, tramway and suburban rail operations.

Supply and recovery

Hesop is an advanced reversible power substation which both supplies traction voltage to a network and recovers braking energy from vehicles. It can be retrofitted to existing systems or built into new networks in construction phase.

Our expertise in energy comes fully into play in Hesop’s key characteristics. Its dynamic voltage regulation adapts the power supply to the network’s requirements; this means that if traffic increases, power can be scaled up without changing infrastructure. But Hesop also captures more than 99% of recoverable braking energy, reinjecting it into the power grid for resale or reusing it in station facilities such as escalators, lighting and ventilation.

Hesop substation © Alstom / A.Fevrier
Hesop substation © Alstom / A.Fevrier

Cost savings

With its increased efficiency, Hesop allows for the wider spacing of substations, reducing their number and the associated capital expenditure. And in addition to recovering braking energy which in itself reduces operating costs, Hesop also reduces heat dissipation on trains, meaning that metro tunnels and stations require less air conditioning or ventilation. 

A widely acknowledged solution

Available in a wide range of voltage and power configurations, Hesop has already been adopted by a multitude of different rapid transit networks. From metros in Milan, Riyadh, London, Dubai and Panama to tramways in Sydney and Milan, transport network owners all over the world have been won over by Hesop’s unique economic and environmental benefits.

Video-Hesop system in London

The RE-USE LIFE + Project

The development of a new 1,500 V version of our Hesop reversible substation was selected by the LIFE+ programme of the European Commission

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HESOP 1500V Milan - advanced reversible power substation  (short version)
  • 125
    Hesop™ converters are now ordered or delivered
  • 20%
    less substations for a new line
  • 99%
    of recoverable energy captured