APM & Monorail signalling: Fully automated and driverless operation

Innovia APM 200 system (automated people mover) - Phoenix, USA

At a glance

  • High reliability and safety
  • Increased availability
  • Short system delivery
  • Seamless integration

For cities or airports looking to increase availability or expand existing networks, the proven signalling solution Urbalis Flo™ is suitable for all levels of automation and offers increased mass-transit capacity and the highest safety standards. Alstom’s complete turnkey monorail and automated people mover (APM) systems can rapidly and cost-efficiently be deployed with low infrastructure and environmental impact.

High reliability and safety 

The Urbalis Flo solution has been designed to meet the most stringent safety, reliability, maintainability, and availability requirements. The technology also allows a high degree of operating flexibility to accommodate peak passenger demands and can connect with future mobility projects. 

Delivering capacity

Communications-based train control (CBTC) is tackling the capacity challenge worldwide. It provides advantages for safe and cost-effective infrastructure management for the full range of mass transit systems and for all grades of automation. 

CBTC reduces the headway between vehicles, enabling trains to run closer to each other compared to a fixed block system. Urbalis Flo can be used as an overlay to upgrade existing systems or for new greenfield lines. 

Ensuring performance and efficiency 

The first ever radio-based, moving block CBTC system, Urbalis Flo, was first installed in 2003 on the APM system at San Francisco International Airport. Today, the solution has been adopted on more than 30 rail lines worldwide, with another 30 under implementation. 
Thanks to its advanced features, such as driverless technology and regenerative braking, the system is extremely efficient to operate. Service is frequent, reliable and safe, meaning more comfort for passengers and more revenue for cities. 

  • 45
    years of successful fully automated operation
  • 45,000
    passengers per hour per direction in a monorail system
  • 99.98%
    or higher proven availability