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Traxx locomotive – Superior performance in every environment

Beauty shot Alstom livery Traxx locomotive

  • The most modern 4-axle locomotive platform
  • Excelling performance to maximise customer benefits
  • Available in many configurations for single or multiple-country applications
  • Last mile functionality: dynamic transition into non-electrified tracks without using a shunting locomotive
  • Unique corridor operation possible with latest Alstom onboard signalling

As part of the broadest locomotive portfolio in the industry, Alstom offers Traxx™, a 4-axle electric locomotive platform with outstanding modularity, reliability and performance, available for freight and passenger applications on many different multiple-country corridors.

State-of-the-art freight and passenger locomotive platform  

Traxx locomotives are used to operate freight or passenger trains at speeds up to 200 km/h. Offering a great variety of configurations for different catenary voltages, signalling systems, traction requirements, for single or multiple-country operations, and allowing multiple traction with other locomotives or pulling/pushing passenger cars. 

Traxx F140 DC (GTS) Rail Reggio Emilia, Locomotive (electric), Italy.
Traxx DC3 locomotive for Akiem at the International Railway Fair TRAKO 2021 in Poland.

The most modern 4-axle locomotive platform 

The multi-system (MS) version of the Traxx platform is the most modern 4-axle locomotive platform with latest converter, transformer, signalling and communication technology, providing better performance and easier upgradability to cope with future requirements.

Last mile functionality 

Alstom was the first to introduce the last mile functionality. It allows access to non-electrified terminals, ports, sidings, etc. at high tractive effort and in seamless, dynamic transition without the need of a shunting locomotive. Together with a remote control for shunting, it even enables one-man operation.

Excelling performance to maximise customer benefits  

This new generation of 4-axle mainline Traxx locomotives excel in tractive effort, power, energy consumption and maintainability for many different types of applications and corridors, allowing customers to pull more wagons, save energy costs and avoid many workshop visits to boost profitability. 

Unique corridor operation with latest Alstom onboard signalling

The combination of the most modern locomotive platform with the latest Alstom signalling system enables higher performances and longer / new corridors such as an East-West corridor from France to Poland.

locomotives ordered
increased energy efficiency
km minimum maintenance interval
locomotives equipped with last mile functionality
  • Traxx Universal for CD Cargo

    Traxx Universal for CD Cargo

    Several orders of CD Cargo totalling 48 Traxx 3 MS locomotives mark Traxx Universal’s strong position in the Central and Eastern European markets. The locomotives strengthen hauling capacity and reduce energy consumption.

  • Traxx Universal for Railpool

    Traxx Universal for Railpool

    Orders for 20 Traxx 3 AC locomotives for operation in Sweden / Norway strengthens Railpool’s fleet of Traxx locomotives in Scandinavia. All newly-ordered locomotives will be equipped with the last mile functionality.

  • Traxx Universal for GTS Rail

    Traxx Universal for GTS Rail

    With the most significant order in its history, the Bari-based intermodal freight transport company GTS Rail signed an agreement for 20 Traxx Universal locomotives for Italy. Part of the fleet will again be equipped with the last mile functionality.

  • Traxx Universal for Mercitalia

    Traxx Universal for Mercitalia

    Italian freight company Mercitalia Rail was the first customer to benefit from Alstom’s mainline locomotive’s improved traction, adhesion control, maintainability and energy efficiency. The contract for 40 plus 20 locomotives includes 16 years full maintenance by Alstom.

  • Traxx Universal for CFL Cargo

    Traxx Universal for CFL Cargo

    CFL Cargo orderd 10 Traxx 3 MS locomotives benefiting from the integration of the latest Alstom signalling solution for an extended East-West corridor from France to Poland. As a first for multi-system locomotives, five units will be equipped with the last mile functionality.

  • Traxx MS3 for SNCB

    Firm order for 24 locomotives with options up to 50 units in total for use on passenger services. Locomotives for domestic and cross-border journeys between Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany running at speeds up to 200 km/h.

  • Traxx Universal for DB

    Three DB entities ordered 172 Traxx Universal locomotives for freight, regional and intercity traffic. The different types are dedicated to maximise hauling capability in freight operation or to ease train-wide communication and push/pull operation in passenger mode.

  • Traxx Universal for Akiem

    In a framework agreement for 52 locomotives, Akiem has ordered 16 Traxx AC3 locomotives for single and multi-country operation. Akiem extends the operational range of its locomotives and offers its customers a high degree of flexibility.