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EKZ: Electric locomotives manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan

EKZ: Electric locomotives Manufacturing Plant
Contact EKZ in Kazakhstan
EKZ. Industrial park
A184 St.10 bld.
Astana, Kazakhstan
+7 (7172) 93 85 10

Alstom entered Kazakhstan’s railway market since 2010, laying the first stone with the EKZ facility to produce electric locomotives for the Kazakh rail network. EKZ was inaugurated in 2012 and in 2014, EKZ was awarded a subcontract to supply 40 Prima T8 “AZ8A” freight locomotives to Azerbaijan Railways (ADY). By being the only electric locomotives producer in the region, EKZ developed rigorous business strategies and in March 2022, the site became 100% owned by Alstom.

As of June 2023, EKZ employs more than 700 people and is working on supplying and maintaining the Prima electric locomotives ordered by KTZ.

“EKZ is a full cycle locomotive production plant and plays a leading role in the Central Asian mobility market thanks to our talented employees. All together we are committed to deliver advanced products to our customers.”

Laurent Bazin

EKZ General Director

m2 industrial zone
production workshops
KZ4AT passenger locomotives

EKZ has 6 production workshops: painting, carbody, fitting, transformer, traction and static tests and diagnostics. Furthermore, there are 4 main projects in EKZ: KZ8A, KZ4AT, AZ8A and Transformers & Traction System Converters. EKZ is a full cycle plant with production, localisation, and maintenance. Transformers and traction system converters produced by EKZ are installed in its locomotives and for export with production, localisation, and maintenance.

The EKZ site consists of 4 major parts: warehouse, administrative office, production, and turntable. The large-scale area is devoted to production, including 10 important metiers such as: industrialisation, steel welding, painting, cabling, winding, fitting, testing, commissioning, warranty, and maintenance. Only after these 10 steps of thorough examination, are EKZ products delivered to suppliers.

KZ8A freight locomotives
KZ8A freight locomotives for Kazakhstan
KZ4AT passenger locomotives for Kazakhstan
AZ8A freight locomotives exported to Azerbaijan
  • Freight locomotives Prima T8

    Freight locomotives Prima T8

    • Production of 250 “KZ8A” locomotives for KTZ (Kazakhstan National Railways)
    • Production of 40 “AZ8A” locomotives for ADY (Azerbaijan Railways)

  • Prima M4 “KZ4AT” locomotives for KTZ

    Prima M4 “KZ4AT” locomotives for KTZ

    Alstom was awarded a contract by Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) for the delivery of 119 passenger locomotives to operate at speeds up to 200 km/h and in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +50°C. The cutting-edge traction system of KZ4AT is based on Alstom’s technology and components. This locomotive requires minimum maintenance, providing low lifecycle cost and high levels of reliability thanks to its modular design.

  • Components: On-board transformers

    Components: On-board transformers

    • Capacity: 100 on-board transformers per year
    • 100 employees to hire at full capacity

  • Components: Traction systems

    Components: Traction systems

    EKZ produces 9 types of traction system cabinets for freight and passenger locomotives
    • Capacity: 620+ cabinets per year
    • 70 employees to hire at full capacity

Working for EKZ in Kazakhstan

EKZ is a major production site that keeps evolving. Even after its ten plus years tenure, it continues to add new shops and production capabilities. Joining EKZ is joining a worldwide network of cutting-edge Alstom production facilities where we develop and share new skills and technology.

While we tend to promote our own employees to managerial roles, we also love strengthening our team with outside expertise. Feel free to apply whatever your background and career goals.

As part of a global corporation, EKZ offers stability as well as endless career opportunities within the Alstom group.

Apply now and jumpstart your career at Alstom! Find out more about open positions here:  Vacancies in Kazakhstan 

A major contributor to the rail industry in the region

Alstom in Kazakhstan

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