Metro systems : efficient, effective rapid transit delivery

Panama metro © Alstom / CAPA Pictures - Tito Herrera

Metro systems at a glance

  • No.1 in metro integrated solutions in the world
  • Optimised and cost-efficient metro solutions
  • Selected for Riyadh automatic metro and Dubai extension
  • A single point of contact for the entire project
  • Access to latest metro technology

Alstom has an extensive portfolio of capabilities and technologies to build turnkey metro systems to every city's requirements. Nineteen projects around the world today apply our integrated metro solutions for fast and cost efficient delivery.

A single interface with the client

Alstom acts as a single interface partner for the transport authority client, examining its needs and those of the future operator to plan the metro system and liaising with them throughout the project. With all the know-how and resources to build a metro system: infrastructure, rolling stock, signalling, information systems , maintenance and system integration management , Alstom works with civil engineering partners to ensure that all of the metro's components interface seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Chennai infrastructure project, India © Alstom / F. Christophoridès
Chennai infrastructure project, India © Alstom / F. Christophoridès

Every system for every need

Alstom has already delivered several high-profile metro systems all over the world, from Panama and Mexico City to Lausanne and Singapore. All customer needs can be accommodated: heavy or light metros, running on steel wheels or rubber tyres, operated with or without a driver. We draw on more than 20 years of experience to provide an optimised system, designed to meet performance objectives, on time and to budget.

High level of expertise

Alstom’s cross-disciplinary exchanges enable projects to benefit from the most innovative products and processes, delivering major benefits to transport users.  We leverage our detailed knowledge of metro system integration and our experience gleaned all over the world for the construction of whole metro lines or extensions.

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