Enhanced passenger experience 

Placing the passenger at the heart of the mobility solution is essential to improve the future of mobility. With the demand for global mobility on the rise in a fast-paced digital world, ensuring that passengers have easy access to transport, along with seamless experiences, is a top priority. 

Understanding passenger experience

Alstom approaches the passenger experience in a holistic manner which encompasses all of the elements that may influence the perceptions of the traveller throughout their journey. This includes wayfinding, intermodality, comfort, inclusivity, information, security, and much more. 

Adopting a passenger culture

Alstom leverages its expertise in engineering, passenger experience, design & styling, virtual reality, marketing and its centres of excellence, notably interiors, right from the start of the design phase to ensure travellers' satisfaction. By putting the passenger at the heart of the design process, the various teams can focus their analysis on passenger behaviour to anticipate future expectations, while also responding to fundamental mobility needs.