163 vehicles: the latest metro generation for Hamburg is complete

Alstom moves Hamburg: With the fourth generation of the Metro, we are supporting the Hamburger Hochbahn AG to transport 1.2 million people a day safely, quickly and sustainably across this iconic city.

The last of a total of 163 vehicles of the latest metro generation (DT5) is currently on its way to Hamburg from our plant in Salzgitter. And with it the fleet of modern metro vehicles is complete.

More than 16 years have passed since Alstom received this order, and the new metro fleet in Hamburg has now been in service for over ten years. HOCHBAHN initially ordered 27 vehicles in 2006.

At the end of the project a total of 163 metro vehicles have been built and delivered – a clear sign of satisfaction from the customer and the millions of passengers who rely on the service it provides.

The new metro in numbers

For the DT5 fleet, 652 bogies, 815 air-conditioning systems, 978 traction motors, 1,304 pneumatic brakes, 2,119 passenger compartment doors, countless bolts and miles of cable structures were installed in a total of 489 carriages.

Alstom has been shaping mobility in Hamburg for many decades. Since 1962, Alstom has supplied the DT2, DT3 and DT4 fleets a total of 462 trains. We look forward to continuing our contribution toward keeping Hamburg on the move.

  • 489
  • 978
    Traction motors
  • 2,119
    Passenger compartment doors