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A world leader in green traction solutions

Coradia iLint details

Alstom is committed to taking up the challenge of sustainable mobility. The Group is the only rail player that today offers the entire scope of green traction solutions and in-house fuel cell technology and to have battery and hydrogen trains in passenger operation.

years of expertise in locally CO2 emission-free technologies
Alstom has been awarded firm contracts in Germany, France and Italy for 59 hydrogen trains
Coradia Continental battery-electric trains for regional traffic have been ordered by VMS (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen) in Germany

Pioneering green mobility solutions

Alstom has over 20 years of expertise in locally CO2 emission-free technologies, and offers a large portfolio of green traction products for hydrogen, battery, hybrid and bi-mode catenary and hydrogen applications. The portfolio includes both new and refurbishment options.

As a leader in sustainable mobility, Alstom has developed the broadest green traction portfolio of the railway industry, featuring both the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger train, Coradia iLintTM, and advanced battery technology for railway vehicles including light rail vehicles, regional and commuter trains and locomotives. The different technologies have each their advantages and are complementary, and there are several factors to be considered when choosing. Battery technology is the preferred solution for shorter non-electrified lines, while hydrogen is suited for longer range of up to 1,000 km. 

Join us on our green traction journey
Alstom's favourite colour is green! What's yours? Discover our green traction offer, including both battery and hydrogen solutions.

Hydrogen traction

Trains with hydrogen traction offer a clean, reliable and cost efficient alternative on non-electrified lines. A hydrogen powered train can cover ranges up to 1,000 kilometres, it is quiet and comfortable, and the only local exhaust is water. 

Alstom is the only rail company to have hydrogen powered passenger trains already in commercial  use. Introduced in 2016, the Coradia iLintTM  is the world’s first and only operational passenger hydrogen train. It has successfully operated in regular passenger service in Germany and Austria and covered more than 220,000 kilometres. In addition, it has been successfully shown in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Hydrogen powered trains are a commercial reality for Alstom: Alstom has signed four contracts for hydrogen fuel cell powered trains. The first one is for 14 trains  in the German region of Lower Saxony in 2017. The second one, also in Germany, for 27 trains to the Frankfurt metropolitan area. In 2020, 6 trains with an option for 8 were sold to FNM in Italy.

Coradia iLint
iLint in Austria

Alstom's Coradia iLint™ - a true pioneer

In line with our aim to facilitate a global transition to a low-carbon transport system, Alstom has pioneered several sustainable mobility solutions. The Coradia iLint™ is a perfect illustration for our commitment to designing and delivering innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions.

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of mainline tracks in Europe are not electrified
kms is the distance record for Coradia iLint to travel without refuelling its hydrogen tank

Battery traction

Alstom is committed to contribute to the further development of sustainable mobility by offering a wide product portfolio of direct CO2 emission-free traction technologies: battery powered trains is one of them, especially well-suited for shorter, non-electrified lines.  

Alstom’s traction batteries are an innovative solution for environmentally friendly mobility and can be applied to various trains; from LRV, to commuter and regional, to locomotives. The Coradia range of regional trains has been especially tailored to operate with all available low emission power systems, from electric to battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cells.    

Alstom’s prototype BEMU (Battery Electric Multiple Unit) can operate catenary-free, and a fully developed serial version from the Coradia range will be ready for a range up to 120 km.  

In 2020, Alstom signed a first contract to deliver 11 Coradia Continental battery-electric trains for regional traffic to Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (VMS) in Germany.

Want a battery train? - Alstom's battery electric multiple unit (BEMU)
Battery Electric Multiple Unit (BEMU)

Alstom's BEMU (Battery Electric Multiple Unit)

Alstom’s prototype BEMU (Battery Electric Multiple Unit) can operate catenary-free, and a fully developed serial version from the Coradia range will be ready for a range up to 120 km. 

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